The following just arrived from the Mark Davis For Sheriff campaign with the subject line “Integrity Matters”

March 18, 2011


If a Sheriff does not have integrity, nothing else he has or does matters much. Your sheriff must uphold the highest ethical standards. A large part of that is keeping your word when you have given it.

In 2007 Incumbent Sheriff Simpson faced a primary challenger. All candidates took an oath, and signed a statement, in which they pledged to support the Republican nominee.

As it was, Simpson lost the nomination at the 2007 Loudoun Republican Convention. He publicly conceded defeat and offered a motion of acclamation (affirming) his support for the nominee. Within hours he broke that pledge, and ran as an Independent.

I am a Republican because I am a conservative, and the home of conservatives is the Republican Party. The problems in our country are serious and getting worse. Government spending is out of control, resulting in unsustainable deficits. The problem isn’t just at the federal level, either, as several states are in trouble too. Government at all levels must learn to do more with less. We must manage our finances better at the federal, state and local levels.

As a Lieutenant in the sheriff’s department I saw poor management up close. There are problems with morale. The Adult Detention Center was built too small. There are too many unfilled positions, and those who have been recently hired are attending another academy and which and cost our taxpayers more money because we are not a participating agency of the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy.

I pledge to be a Sheriff who brings change to the department. I will uphold the highest standards of integrity, I will seek to do more with less, and I manage the department in a way that will make Loudoun citizens proud. For more information on me, or if you would like to help my campaign, click here.


Mark Davis

Republican Candidate for Sheriff