Ralph Buona, candidate for the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, had 82 attendees at his fundraising event in Ashburn Ashdowne on Friday evening. A boatload of elected officials, candidates and local political folks were in attendance – there is no way I can remember them all but they included:

Clerk of the Circuit Court Gary Clemens, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jim Plowman, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz, Treasurer Roger Zurn, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Scott York, Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, former Supervisors Bruce Tulloch and Mick Staton, Virginia Senate candidates Dick Black and Patricia Phillips, Deputy Counselor and Adviser to Governor Bob McDonnell, Randy Minchew, and, well, if anyone wants to add more in the comments I will update the list.

Randy Minchew led with the prayer Disturb Us, Lord by Sir Francis Drake, one of the best meeting starters I’ve heard.

As usual, Ralph’s speech was excellent. The lighting was too dim in the main part of the room to take photos with my amateur camera but I will try to get video posted before long.

Ralph Buona at Fundraiser in Ashburn, March 25