I use to own my own cleaning business.  We’re talking razor blades for oven bake and teethbrushes for cleaning cracks and door slides.  Many of my cleaning tricks came from older women who didn’t mind the time and work to make things “clean” (my grandmother was one of these anal people).  I don’t mind the elbow grease needed to do a good job but I am always on the lookout for better products to ease my work and cut down my time.  After all, I’m not the spry youngster I use to be.  I try every new product to find its “worth” and what jobs it is best at.  Some products shouldn’t be on the shelf unless you want to use it to poison your animals or kids.

I decided to try this product called the SWIFFER DUSTER.  I don’t like dust mops because they only transfer the dust and they always do a lousy job.  Needless to say, I always wipe everything with a solution to get the dust, wipe any fingerprints and, if wood, condition the wood without leaving streaks.  This is a tiring process as ordinary dusting is sometimes all that is necessary.  This Swiffer WORKS and works well.  I scoured the box and found on the bottom that it has the Good Housekeeping seal.  What a time saver.  I now have more time for eating bon-bons and cleaning my guns.  I highly recommend this product for your dusting needs.

Men:  If you want to score points with Mama, next time you buy her the super hot defense ammo for her gun or a gun hide-away purse, pick up a box of these dusters at your local grocery store and use them.  The love lavished by her upon you will be well worth it and those kitchen passes will come without compromise.  Do yourself and her a favor.  Old ACT wouldn’t steer you wrong.  Happy dusting!