Suzanne Volpe officially declares candidacy for supervisor: “I will hold the bureaucrats’ feet to the fire .. I will be working to do the right thing for you and I will let the chips fall where they may.”

Tag Greason: “I have decided to move and run against Suzanne Volpe.”

- redistricting maps will be released tomorrow … Loudoun will pick up 2 more delegates.

Matt Letourneau Is running for supervisor of Dean district. Instead of burying the name of our airport we should be using it to attract businesses.

Shawn Williams running for Broad Run supervisor: BOS needs to set a budget we can afford and the school board needs to live within that budget…We need to unite and we need to work together as a party.

Mark Davis withdraws from sheriff race: “sometimes we come to a fork in the road … We have too many sheriff candidates in this election… I am endorsing Verne Dickerson for sheriff … He is the most qualified candidate…we will run a positive campaign and will not tear down our fellow Republicans.”

Verne Dickerson: “we will work to restore honor to the Sheriff’s Office.” [UPDATE: Here is the announcement at Verne Dickerson's Web site.]

Mike Chapman: has conducted numerous listening and speaking engagements throughout the county … “We need to have a broader vision to address the challenges of the 21st century.”

Ron Speakman: researched his proposal on self deportation for criminal aliens and has received support from authorities from around Virginia.

Geary Higgins: “we can’t raise taxes in this economy”

Ralph Buona: “we have a great field of candidates developing from within the LCRC … We are going to get 8 more people up there with you, Eugene.”

Janet Clarke: campaign kick off event this Saturday evening at Notaviva Vineyards in Purcellville.

Jim Plowman: will run a positive campaign focusing on issues.