All I can say is WOW ! What a development in the Sheriffs race. The withdrawl from the Sheriffs race by Mark Davis, and throwing his support behind fellow candidate Verne Dickerson, with a pledge by both men to work together to retake the Sheriffs Office was unexpected, thought provoking, dynamic, and in my opinion a bold and courageous decision by both men.

While we had four capable men running for Sheriff, I was content to wait until the primary process played out. However, last evenings decision by Verne Dickerson and Mark Davis to combine their efforts behind a Dickerson candidacy has drastically changed the dynamic in this race. We will all look back at this decision by these two fine men and their families as the pivotal point in not only the primary, but the general election as well.

It is with that knowledge that I pledge my support to this campaign. I fully endorse the Dickerson For Sheriff Campaign and will do everything in my power to make sure this team prevails. We as Republicans have been handed a gift, we should rally behind and provide support to this campaign. It is the campaign that can WIN !

I am not going to go over the lists of attributes of these two men, I would have to write a book,instead I’ll provide a more general view of my personal impressions; You can and should learn more about them here and here

Verne Dickerson is one of the most decent men I have had the privilege to meet. His commitment to his family, his faith, the Republican Party and conservative principles are unwavering. Verne’s loyalty and level of involvement can not be measured.Like many of you, I am very active politically, spending much of my time at both Republican party and community functions or events. Virtually every event I go to, every meeting I attend, there is Verne Dickerson. If is an LCRC meeting or event, Verne is there. If it is a fundraiser for the party or a candidate, Verne is there with check book in hand. If it is to testify or comment before the Board of Supervisors on an issue or a budget, there is Verne Dickerson making his positions known. Verne’s keen intellect, leadership abilities, experience and dedicated hard work within the LCRC makes for a candidate poised to be our next Sheriff.

It is not Verne Dickerson’s turn to be Sheriff, Verne Dickerson deserves to be Sheriff.

Over the last three months or so, I have gotten to know Mark Davis and his wife Betsy, these are quality people. Mark and Betsy reside in Middleburg where Betsy is the Mayor. Mark is one of the most experienced local Law Enforcement officers in Loudoun County. It is not a stretch to say Mark has done virtually everything there is to do in Law enforcement having worked for the Sheriffs Department for 23 years, and currently serving 6 Years on the Leesburg Police Department. Mark has spent his entire career working for Loudoun Counties 2 largest law enforcement agencies. I have seen Mark in action and watched as he answers citizens questions with ease utilizing his vast institutional knowledge of Loudoun law enforcement, crime trends, and public policy. His willingness to step down in this race and support Verne speaks volumes about his character.

I can not think of another person better suited to provide advice , counsel and leadership to Verne Dickerson.

Friends, these are quality men. Men who have made sacrifices in order to do the right thing by joining forces in order to bring excellence and integrity to the Loudoun County Sheriffs Department. They are serious about this mission and they intend to win. I intend to help them in any way I can.