Scott York and daughter Elizabeth Neuffer

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chair Scott York and daughter Elizabeth at a recent Republican campaign event

It is now officially the worst-kept secret in Loudoun County politics that discussions are ongoing regarding bringing Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Scott York (I-At Large) back into the Republican Party. Mr. York was a Republican when he served on the Board as Sterling Supervisor from 1996-1999, and switched to Independent for his following three terms as Chairman.

Without knowing whether or when Mr. York will seek to rejoin the Loudoun County Republican Committee, I wholeheartedly support allowing him to run as a Republican this year. The reasons for my support are that Mr. York has been a consistent voice in favor of implementing quality of life improvements in Sterling, his vote against the overreaching “County Energy Strategy,” his vote to kill the Chesapeake Bay Protection Ordinance, his support for a cost-effective Phase II of the Metrorail Silver Line to Dulles, and his support for fiscal prudence in the public schools budget.

He may not agree with every Republican on every issue, but who among us does? If Scott York does not qualify to join the local GOP, then I and many others probably don’t either.

Let the public discussion begin. For starters, here are some local news links from the past couple years:

November 2009: Supported effort to ask state lawmakers for authority to combine some county and school operations, and effectively give the Board of Supervisors some control over capital construction, saying “if we are going to spend educational dollars, better [it be spent] in the classroom
than building the classroom.”

December 2009: Voted with Buckley, Waters and Delgaudio against Andrea McGimsey’s “County Energy Strategy.”

January 2010: Voted with majority to close tax loophole for hybrid vehicles, saying “They should pay the same rate of tax on a vehicle that I and every other person in this county is paying. It’s as simple as that.”

March 2010: Voted with Waters and Delgaudio for $30 million reduction in proposed school budget, saying “We can’t keep spending money everywhere and be everything to everybody. We have to look at the big picture.”

June 2010: Voted with Waters and Delgaudio to scrap the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance

March 2011: Voted with Delgaudio against moving forward proposal to require special exception for large retail businesses attempting to do business in county.

March 2011: Raised concern about Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority plan for underground Metro Silver Line station at Dulles Airport, which would cost Loudoun taxpayers hundreds of millions more than an above ground station.

UPDATE: Here’s another one from Mr. York’s Facebook page a short time ago:

This evening, the Board supported my motion to reconsider the names of two electoral districts. On a 9-0 vote, the Ashdowne District was renamed the Ashburn District and on a 5-4 vote, the Dean District is now the Dulles District.

UPDATE II: The Bulletproof Monk has some good background information, and notes “Scott is still the most liked and reasoned member of the current Board of Supervisors.”

UPDATE III: More discussion over at LI, who says regarding those on the LCRC who might have concerns with York “their numbers and influence have been waning.” That was my impression also.