Ron Speakman For Sheriff Campaign Event In Leesburg

Ron Speakman, candidate for the Republican nomination for Loudoun County Sheriff, has an engaging manner and warm personality, which partially offset the damp chill of the kind of day best suited for polar bears or yard apes. Those of us too old for the moon bounce and face painting managed to stay relatively comfortable with help from the excellent barbecue, pleasant conversation and occasional stamping of feet to reinvigorate circulation in cold limbs. Hey, outdoor events in April are going to be hit or miss, usually going one of three ways: days of sunshine and daffodils; the kind that bring May flowers; or the ones like today that make us long for summer.

Considering the buzz-kill weather, Mr. Speakman had a nice turnout. I was only there for the middle hour and saw about 45 guests, at least 35 of whom were old enough to vote, and was told a few people had come and gone already. Granting some late arrivals I estimate 45 adults.

It meant all the more opportunity for those who were there to talk to Ron Speakman. As someone attending mentioned, he is much more a “people-person” than a typical retail politician. He has conversations, gives thoughtful answers, and genuinely appears to enjoy the social aspect. This should work out well for him because there will be a decent amount of time and a few more public opportunities to meet more voters between now and the Convention or primary.

Sorry for the small number of photos but it took me a while to get started and then I got cold and had to sceedaddle. Life during wartime, this ain’t. You can hover your mouse over the pictures to see who is in them and click on each for a larger version.

Ron Speakman with Ranjani and Theron Johnson

Michael McPoland, Jen Roberts and Bob Wertz at Ron Speakman campaign event