Would the LCRC be stronger with York on the ticket? I said yes last week, and I will say it again today. But is Scot York worth getting us starting to tearing each other up over? Not only no, but hell no.

Earlier today on Joe’s most excellent post in which he interviewed Scott, a commenter named ‘John‘ mentioned some of York’s activities in 2007. LI – who has a habit of stirring the pot, while calling it ‘truth telling’ immediately jumped in. It is a free country and a free blog.

Before it goes any further, lets put what John and LI said into perspective.

$2,000 York for Loudoun County Board Chair – Scott Sterling

York was up to his neck in helping the Democrats in 2007, 2003 and 1999. In 2007 he was angered over having some of his chairman’s prerogatives stripped by the Republican board. That action was in response something Scott did in 2003, which was itself a response to something back in 1999. In short York is not in the LCRC because of an old intra-Republican Party feud. It is about personalities, and not issues.

The feud started a long time ago, and takes two to tango. Make no mistake, York was part of that dance team — and therefore he was not alone. We have had way too much intra-party blood letting. LI is now telling people to break party ranks, and that is part of our problem in the LCRC. There are consequences, LI is wrong in this. Looking back I can see a lot of wreckage and ruin in the LCRC and it is mostly self inflicted by actions where someone said there would be no consequences. As the old problems are primarily about personalities and not issues, can we just let this one lie? Snow, Tulloch and company are long gone — York is still here. Lets work with what we get dealt without opening new wounds.

The Democrats in Loudoun are not that creative or numerous. They need the LCRC to self destruct in order for the LCDC to stand a chance in this county. This county should be solidly Republican – but it is not because we keep manufacturing drama. York was part of the drama, and is now it appears, he is both a casualty and a new source for Republican on Republican fighting.

Were Scott York come out and support the entire Republican Ticket for the BOS we would be greatly helped. York is a force in the county. Unfortunately, it appears the LCRC already found Republicans in good standing who are willing to take on York. That means we could view this as a missed opportunity to bring York back into the party. We could turn this into another reason to brawl in the streets — giving aid and comfort to the Democrats. Can we lament quietly without veiled finger pointing?

I harbor no ill will towards York. As a loyal Republican I will support whoever our primary process puts forwards as the Republican candidate. If York wound up as that candidate — great. He is welcome to come in and win the primary. I will not, as LI does, support someone outside the Party. I will not, as we all so often do, attack other members of the LCRC over a personality issue.