Blogging time is just about over for today, but I can’t let another day pass without noting the impending retirement of Stevens Miller from the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. (Another post on the topic from Supervisor Miller here).

Reviewing Board actions and public statements, my appraisal of Mr. Miller would be mixed because our political philosophies are different. Thus ends our review of his term in public office.

What I can say a little more about is that he used the blog medium pretty darn well for an elected official. It did what an office holder’s blog should do, which (as with a company blog) is to provide a glimpse behind the scenes to give readers a better understanding of what they see though the normal channels. I hope he keeps the blog going now that he has the knack for it.

A cursory skim of our NVTH Stevens Miller oeuvre shows that Mr. Miller is among the reasonable number of folks on the “other side” that I personally get along with. He is someone with whom one can discuss differences of opinion – at least in a personal setting. So from what I know of Stevens Miller, he has my respect.

And for the record, if I held a public office I would definitely look forward to the day it was over. Too many scheduled events, too many days wearing a suit, and way too much mandatory time spent talking to other people, who despite their various good qualities can become tiresome in excessive doses.

I thank Mr. Miller for his service, and congratulate him on his return to civilian life.