This nation is up to it’s eyeballs in debt, and we’re piling on even more.  From the left we keep hearing, “We cannot balance the budget on the backs of the poor and middle class!”

Well, why not?

Let’s look at the numbers.  First, we had the Bush tax cuts.  The federal deficit then spiked right after we went into Afghanistan and Iraq, and then came back down to a low of 1.4% of GDP in FY07.  Since the deficits were coming down after the tax cuts were implemented, one cannot say that the tax cuts caused the deficits to increase.  So what happened?  The Democrats took control of Congress, and the deficit went from $160.96B in FY07 to $1412.69B in FY09 — a 778% increase in two years.  It’s no wonder they lost in November.

Overall, federal spending has gone from $2728.94B in FY07 to $3456.21B in FY10 — a 27% increase in three years.  So, where did the money go?  (Revenue has declined by $400B, but that contributes only to the deficit, not the spending.)

Well, defense spending went from $652.6B to $847.2B — a 30% increase.  (These are Democrats?)

Pensions (mainly to Federal Employees and Social Security recipients) increased from $628.3B to $749.6B — a 19% increase.

Education expenditures went from $102.0B to $140.4B — a 38% increase. (Does the feral government actually educate anyone?)

Health Care expenditures increased from $641.8B to $820.7B — up 28%.

Welfare payments went from $262.1B to $502.3B — up 92%!

You read that right.  Welfare payments are up 92% over three years. Let’s take a close look into each category:

FY2007 FY2010 % Change
Defense 652.6 847.2 29.8%
–Military 551.3 693.6 25.8%
–Veterans 72.8 108.4 48.9%
–FMA 8.0 11.4 42.5%
–FEA 20.5 33.8 64.9%
Pensions 628.3 749.6 19.3%
–Fed. Emp Ret. 103.9 119.9 15.4%
–Social Security 586.2 706.7 20.6%
Health Care 641.8 820.7 27.9%
–Med. Svcs. (Seniors) 375.4 451.6 20.3%
–Public Health 3.2 4.1 28.1%
–R&D 29.3 34.2 16.7%
–Vendor Pmts (Welfare) 233.9 330.7 41.4%
Education 102.0 140.4 37.6%
Welfare 262.1 502.3 91.6%
–Family & Children 54.5 95.1 74.5%
–Unemployment 35.1 160.1 356.1%
–Workers Comp. 7.8 6.6 -15.4%
–Housing 39.7 58.7 47.9%
–Other Income Security 125.0 181.9 45.5%

I will say that Defense spending can certainly be cut, even back to FY2007 levels. I have no problem with the increased spending on the Veterans — after all, we have wounded warriors coming home. But what’s with the Foreign Military Aid and Foreign Economic Aid? (Is FEA really “defense” spending anyway?)

But the real backbreaker here is Welfare — either in Health Care (up $173B — 28.4%), Social Security (up $120.5B — 20.6%), other Welfare (up $240.2B — 91.6%). That’s a total increase of $533.7B in welfare, compared to a $142.3B increase in actual defense spending.

We could cut the entire Defense budget and we would still have a deficit. We have to get the Welfare State under control. The government can’t keep giving our nation’s future away.