Our friends at www.nova-tea.com have lined up an impressive figure from the conservative blogosphere … even bigger than Joe B.! 

From their most recent email …

Arm yourself and your family (can we still say things like that?) against the onslaught of man-made global warming…er, climate change…propaganda by attending “RIP Man-made Global Warming:  The Climate Con Has Died” this Saturday, April 30th at 10 am. 

MoranoOur speaker, Marc Morano, recognized by media giant Tina Brown’s “Daily Beast” website as one of the Right’s top 25 journalists, broke the John Kerry Swift Boat story during the 2004 election and has since then turned his sights to man-made global warming. 

The Daily Beast described Marc’s website, Climate Depot, as a “bustling one-stop shop for climate skeptics” and noted that Climate Depot is ‘bringing in more visitors than RedState.com, one of the most popular conservative blogs on the web.’”

Due to his effectiveness, Morano is a hate figure on the Left.  He was named one of only five “criminals against humanity, against planet Earth itself” in 2009 by the eco-magazine Grist. (The other five “criminals” were Bjorn Lomborg, Richard Lindzen, Sen. James Inhofe and former President George Bush.)

Marc demolishes his opponents with facts, wit, and sarcasm.  He will keep you entertained while informing you of the truth behind climate change propaganda.  Join us for an informative seminar by the man who was awarded the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (DDP) 2010 award “for courage and achievement in defense of scientific truth and freedom.”  Climate Depot was praised by the DDP for using “mockery and humor” against global warming activists. 

Date/Time: Saturday April 30th, 10am-11:30am

Location: Herndon Fortnightly Library

RSVP required.  Do so here …


And here’s a sampling of Mark’s talent, unleashed upon a U.K. professor. 


Don’t miss the chance to meet this guy in person!