National Review Online published an interview with U.S. Senate candidate Jamie Radtke. Here is a money quote:

“First of all, I’m not an unknown quantity in Virginia politics.” Indeed, Radtke’s career includes a stint as a staffer for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee under then-chairman Jesse Helms, a shift as political and grassroots director for the Virginia Conservative Action PAC, and a term as president of the Richmond Tea Party. “Number two, I’m going around talking about substantive proposals,” Radtke adds. “This isn’t a campaign built on rhetoric.”

As I said earlier, Allen is the favorite. But he needs to be scrutinized and some of his challengers are not all Johnny come lately’s, devoid of ideas as some already have alluded to. We need to look back and learn the lessons of our recent past or we will repeat the mistakes in the near future.
I, for one, was far from impressed with George Allen. Allen is a good fund raiser, so was George W. Bush, and Obama is a terrific fundraiser. Republicans, as a party, can do better. Republicans, as a party, must do better. While not in the same league as McCain, Graham, or McConnell, Allen is better then those three; George does not deserve a coronation, and should be given harsh scrutiny given his performance last campaign and his record prior to that.

The climate is ripe for new blood, new talent, and a fresh start in the Republican Party here in Virginia. Republicans should see what other talent is out there, willing to represent our interests, ideology, and philosophy.

Small-government Republicans need to take back the Senate from the Democrats and the Rockefeller Republicans who have brought our country to the sad state of affairs. The blame for our fiscal disaster belongs to both parties. Allen could have done worse, but he could also have done far better. Allen is no DeMint, nor is he an Inhofe. We need more of those, and fewer McCains, Grahams, and Browns. Senator Brown is about as conservative a Senator one can hope for from Massachusetts. This is Virginia, people — we can do better.

Jamie Radtke is running for the US Senate. She will be a primary opponent to Allen. She deserves our consideration and support as a potential replacement for Webb. Please give this process some consideration, and do not follow the establishment’s breezy “let’s get it back for George.” Visit Jamie’s website and read her positions on the issues and sign up for her mailers. Get informed on who Radtke is, and remember who Allen is, before you make a decision.

In an article from the National Journal on Radtke states:

“The Tea Party movement would not exist today if the Republicans had not failed under the Bush years”

From Radtke’s website:

  • Oppose raising the federal debt ceiling.
  • End the massive and unsustainable federal deficits.
  • Work for meaningful, courageous reform of entitlement programs.
  • Protect the intrinsic right to life.
  • Uphold the traditional family.
  • Defend the 2nd Amendment.
  • Fight to eliminate government subsidies of corporations (e.g. ethanol subsidies)
  • Advocate for energy independent policies that bring down the price of gas.
  • Oppose illegal immigration.
  • Propose a simpler and more fair tax structure
  • Demand a sound monetary policy.
  • Radtke’s record implies that she is serious about fiscal matters, and will not vote to enable the big spenders in Washington. Allen’s record on fiscal matters is a mixed bag. Allen would be better than a Democrat, but is that all we are shooting for?

    One reason Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 was that the Republican Party had become indistinguishable from the Democrats on the issue of spending. Does anyone recall the polls that showed the public had more faith in the Democrats on financial matters? I do and I still wince when I think about it. Allen was part of the crew that made Obama possible. Allen voted three times to raise the debt limit without any demanding counter to stop the debt from rising.

    Allen was far too chummy with Mich McConnell, who will take Harry Reid’s job once Republicans take the Senate back from the Democrats. Do we want the same old thing once the Democrats are thrown out of power? Our Republic is nearing the tipping point, and we as a nation must do better.