Bon Bon Man following George Allen around with a video camera

At a political event in Loudoun County tonight, a young man from an organization called Bon Bon Man was following former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen, attempting to videotape Mr. Allen by standing as close as possible, sometimes with his video camera barely a foot from the head of Mr. Allen or another member of the conversations Mr. Allen was attempting to have.

Another guy at the event – a fellow with a stone-like visage indeed – found it so interesting that he took it upon himself to stand directly in front of the video camera, between Bon Bon Man and his subject, whenever possible.

I was also fascinated and knew you all would be, so to ensure that we should all never forget this amazing fellow, I got his picture for the Web site. If you click on the photos you will get a larger version.

Bon Bon Man trying to video George Allen