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I recognize a challenge when I see one. (Click for larger versions.)

David Ramadan Campaign Flyer

David Ramadan Campaign Flyer

Joe Budzinski Campaign Flyer

Joe Budzinski Campaign Flyer

Seems many things have happened while I’ve been away and most of you buttheads are still being buttheads.  I’ll write this post anyway because I feel you may have a clue to my mystery.

I was at the beach condo recently for painting and fishing.  My downstairs neighbor and I had the pier all to ourselves for the first week.  We were content on our Whiteing, Spot and Pompano catch and catching up on the gossip.

One morning early we spied a camera crew on the beach with a section of beach cordoned off.  About 5 dress-alike clones were doing something with shovels.  It was later reported to us that the pier turtle (a nice Hawkbill) had laid eggs but they weren’t in the right spot.  So these environmental/ecological/do-gooder-weenies decided to fix that be digging up and reburying the eggs closer to the dunes.  I guess mama turtle just doesn’t know how to do things right.

The next week I got into Drum and Flounder with another friend of mine.  We had a contest going and if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.  Be was spanking me 4 to 1 on our catch.  The boy just had a knack.  I moved farther to the end of the pier to out-do him with a big flounder and thought I had got my wish.  Upon further discovery, it acted like I was trying to pull a Japanese mini sub off the ocean floor.  Upon continue tugging my line was finally released, which I assumed was broke but upon further inspection found tht the hook was bit in half at the shank.  That is twice in 7 years that mama turtle got into my bait.  She was probably pissed that eco-weenies were screwing with her eggs!

The bizaar portion happened in the third week.  I was fishing under the pier for drum and got a hookup.  When I tried to pull it up to the surface it came slow and heavy.  I was mad because I thought I had got mama turtle once again but, no, thank goodness!  It was long and white and didn’t fit into the surf net so I had to drag it all the way down the pier to beach it.  Boy, did I get a surprise.  Outside was a white canvas/hammock material.  Inside, weighted down with 5 inch ordanance shells, was a partially decomposed body wrapped in a white shower curtail with holes for the arms to fit thru.  One hand was tie-wrapped into a fist clutching multiple condoms and a bottle of Viagra.  The other fist, in the same fashion, had a $50 debit card for the Pussy Cat Club in Atlanta.  Around his neck was what looked to be a chain of pork sausage links.  The face was unrecognizable but he did have some holes in his head.

I called the National Enquirer but they were working on a story about Biden being an ET and didn’t want it because it was small change.  I then called the local police and got scolded for causing endless paperwork on a “John Doe” where the body could have come in from anywhere.  I gave the police my theory: the Southern Mafia took care of a child molesting pervert and did everyone a favor.  The police liked that and got a good laugh.  They diecided it wasn’t worth their trouble and we got some kid with a jet ski to haul it about 2 miles out in the ocean and drop it for the tune of $10.  At that point we all retreated back to my place for a fish fry and Margaritas and the police thanked me after for my silence, the meal and the contribution to the kid.

I’m still curious about it.  I guess it will have to remain one of them mysteries.

“Was killing Osama necessary?” In the opinion of this author the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”  However, many are not so sure. One of our local denizens, Eric the Half-Troll, is one such individual.

“I am very happy that they got OBL but I do not think it was worth it if we have to throw away the rule of law or our own humanity to get there.”

Obama sniffed that, “We must not take a victory lap.”  Another progressive showed his disdain for our nation’s elation that the architect of this war was dead:

The spontaneous burst of patriotism seen across the country last Sunday was in poor taste.

This sort of attitude begs the question, “What is allowable in war (according to Eric’s of the world)?” Can we bomb the enemy as was done in WWII? Are we allowed to use area weapons such as artillery, as we did in WWII? Flamethrowers? Napalm? Landmines? Why is any warfare OK? Is the nation, and the people in it, worth defending?

Eric, and much of those who espouse such de facto pacifism have, either knowingly or unknowingly, taken the posture of the Evangelical Left, and become functioning Neo-Anabaptists.

Much of the Evangelical Left, so influential on Christian college campuses and increasingly prominent in Washington, D.C., relies on these neo-Anabaptist beliefs. Sojourners activist Jim Wallis, who last week launched a crusade against “cuts” in the 2012 federal budget, adheres partly to this tradition. These neo-Anabaptists demand total pacifism and reject the military.

Osama would kill as many Americans as possible. To him, killing all Americans was a religious duty:

We — with God’s help — call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it.

When confronted by danger or evil, a serious argument can be made that protecting the defenseless (like the three thousand victims in the Twin Towers), should be a nation’s first priority. Dithering only leads to more lives lost. So how is it moral to allow more lives to be sacrificed on the alter of pacifism? Why are we not waging all-out war? This war in Afghanistan has been going on for ten years. What are the wages of this restraint?

There is no room for compromise or coexistence with one such as Osama; for it is he and those like him who shall not compromise, let alone make an accommodation. How does delaying the inevitable elevate us? Since all life is precious, then why is the defense of life not moral? The pacifist must answer this question, “Is not defense of one’s self and nation a basic human right?” Why does this wing of the American body politic seek to deny us the right of self defense?

“We should not lose our identity fighting the terrorists.”, is the common refrain of the left wing pacifists. Our national identity includes firebombing Dresden and Tokyo in the defense of our nation. Our national identity includes shooting Yamamoto out of the sky to shorten the war in the Pacific. We dropped atomic bombs on Japan to end WWII. Liberals hold up that war as the good fight? Back then, getting the war over with as soon as possible was the top priority in order to save American lives. What is it about double-tapping a monster like Osama that suddenly mars us? Since when is the killing of an implacable foe cause for us to lose our identity and humanity?

Matt Letourneau, candidate for the Dulles District seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, held his campaign kickoff event on May 13 in South Riding. Introductions are by Bob Wertz, Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue, and Jeff Salmon, president of the South Riding Homeowners Association. There were appeared to be about 65-70 supporters on hand, not counting campaign staff – a very good turnout.

As you can see from the video above (or click here to watch the video), Matt is intelligent and articulate and has given a lot of thought to the public policy issues which will be relevant to the board of supervisors over the next four years. Most importantly, he represents a voice for the younger demographic, particularly young couples with families, that makes up a growing portion of Loudoun County. For that reason alone he should get a positive response from the voters in the Dulles District.

Click here for more info on Matt and how to assist his campaign.

(Photos and a longer write up to come later this weekend, I hope; busy weekend ahead ….)

[UPDATE - Video just updated, new link]

Suzanne Volpe, Republican candidate for Algonkian District Supervisor, held her campaign kickoff event on May 12, 2011 with Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as the featured speaker. AG Cuccinelli noted that Ms. Volpe’s was the only local campaign he had personally made an appearance at this year, thanking her for the work she has done for numerous candidates over the years and saying “I hope you think you are getting a good return on your investment” for all of work she has done for him. He gave an informative progress report on his various efforts to curtail the encroachments on liberty by the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress (this will be a separate video, I hope one day soon).

With a crowd of at least 150 people on hand and possibly many more – the property was segmented so there was no way you could count everyone from one spot (someone from the campaign can chime in in the comments and I will update the number) – Ms. Volpe pointed out the problems caused by the county’s poor business development policies, with results such as Northrup Grumman’s decision to locate across the border to Fairfax County, and the resulting tax pressure this is putting on residents. She spoke of some of the county’s egregious misuses of taxpayers’ money and her personal philosophy of government that it should be less intrusive and more responsive to the citizens.

Video is at the top of the post, or click here to watch. There are only a few photos because this was the final event affected by camera problems and I lost over 40 pictures (hover cursor for a partial listing of who is in each and click on each for a larger version) – but as far as I could tell every local Republican elected official and candidate was present. It was a massive crowd for a local campaign kickoff, with excellent speeches by our attorney general and by Ms. Volpe- and truly an honor to have Ken Cuccinelli in a local backyard giving an up to the minute report on the battle against the Democrat power grab.

As you can see from the video, if determination, clarity of vision and ability to articulate that vision count in the upcoming campaign, Ms. Volpe is going to be tough to beat for the Algonkian Supervisor position.

For information on how you can help the Volpe campaign, click here.

Suzanne Volpe, Ken Cuccinelli, Eugene Delgaudio, Scott York, John Stirrup

Large audience at Suzanne Volpe campaign kick off

Mike Chapman at Suzanne Volpe campaign kick off

Cathy McNickle, Rob Jesionowski, Linda Budzinski, Eugene Delgaudio

Fred Avila and Joe - there is a hidden message here

I just had one of those amazing morning flashes of brilliance which are unique to me alone. I realized that the entire “anti-Loudoun Insider” population can be classified according to one of the following three categories:

1) Misled
2) Corrupt
3) Insane

I will try to make a point of informing, whenever possible, regarding which category any given comment should be filed under. Hope this helps.


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