Virginia Delegate Tag Greason held his campaign kick off event on April 28. Loudoun County residents in the 32nd district are fortunate to have such an intelligent, principled representative in Richmond.

This needs to be a very brief report – but I will point out that in order to dislike Tag Greason you’d have to have spiders living in your shorts. [Ed. note to Greason campaign: You may use this as a 2011 campaign theme if you like, gratis]. Turnout for the event was big, at least 80 people, including many elected officials and candidates. The video of Tag’s talk will give you a better idea of the man than I could do, so be sure to watch it.

Watch Tag’s speech below (or click here) along with a part of the introduction by George Allen – which by the way was great and I may post eventually. Hover your cursor over photos for a partial listing of who is in them, and click on photo for a larger version of each.

Randy Minchew, George Allen and Tag Greason

Tag Greason and Scott York at Tag Greason campaign event

Janet Clarke, Tag Greason, George Allen, Ralph Buona at Tag Greason campaign kick off

Professor Randy Minchew gave the opening remarks at Tag Greason campaign event

John Whitbeck, Gary Clemens, Candace Strother, Eugene Delgaudio, John Stirrup at Tag Greason campaign event

Glenn Maravetz and Greg Stone, just a couple guys talking guy stuff

At least 80 attendees turned out for Tag Greason's campaign kick off

Candace Strother and Tag Greason

Mike Chapman, Mike Chapman Jr, Patricia Phillips, Bob Wertz at Tag Greason campaign event

David Ramadan, Greg Stone, John Stirrup and Randy Minchew at Tag Greason campaign kick off

Tag Greason and Dick Black

Ed Levine and Jim Plowman at Tag Greason campaign kick off

Matt Letourneau and Shawn Williams at Tag Greason campaign kick off

Geary Higgins, Patricia Phillips and Bob Wertz

Glenn Maravetz and Tag Greason

Audience at Tag Greason campaign kick off

Greg Stone, Mark Sell and Matt Letourneau

Eugene Delgaudio and Glenn Maravetz at Tag Greason, The Uniter, campaign kick off