As we move forward into this political season, requests from candidates for money , volunteer time and endorsements increases by the week. This forces one to contemplate past and present political alliances, previous support of candidates and friends, all the while looking towards the future during very uncertain times. It is that uncertainty that makes this political season more important for both our Commonwealth and the Nation. The election of our current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, is a perfect illustration. Imigine where Virginia would be in defending our State against the over reaching Obama power grab had Ken not been elected.  As I told the General  a few months after the election, he was proof that elections matter. They matter for us as Virginians, and citizens of this great nation. Virginia has a rich history of offering her sons and daughters for service in defense of freedom. Our Commonwealth and our Nation are in need of strong and effective defenders of Freedom. Which brings me to Prince William County Supervisor , John Stirrup. John is seeking the Republican nomination for the 13th Senate District that encompasses portions of both Prince William and Loudoun Counties.

As some may know, I have spent some time on an issue I believe to be of great importance to both to our region and our country as a whole, that being the issue of Illegal Aliens. It was this issue that introduced me to Supervisor John Stirrup as he was crafting and implementing the now famous 2007 Rule of Law legislative package in Prince William County. I was impressed with him then, and even more so now, I believe his insight, proven conservative track record, and tireless work ethic is exactly what is needed in Richmond. Especially in the Senate , that place where good legislation anchored in conservatism and common sense goes to die. This must change if Virginia is to move forward. Electing John Stirrup to the Virginia Senate will help in a big way.

As previously mentioned Supervisor Stirrups efforts in Prince William County were tremendously successful. I asked the supervisor to briefly detail his efforts  specific to that landmark legislation :

“In 2007 I was hearing from constituents on a regular, almost daily basis about the chronic problems created by illegal aliens. Typical complaints were that next door a house full of non-English speaking males has taken up residence in a home designed for a single family. Very often, these complaints detailed 12 – 20 males living in this rental property.

Trash accumulated on these properties, vehicles often unlicensed were parked on the front or side lawns, the streets were full of vehicles. On Friday nights, the occupants of the rental properties would become intoxicated outdoors to of point obnoxiousness. Loud music, boisterous activity, frequent fistfights occurred. Very often the Rescue Squad would dispatch an ambulance to address a beating, knifing or occasional shooting.

Law abiding citizens in the community were frightened. Many were long-time residents and had seen their neighborhoods, where they grew up, change dramatically, Citizens were afraid to walk on the streets of their communities – in the daytime as well as night. I had female constituents break down in tears describing the horrific slurs these “residents” would use when they walked by. Young girls were terrified to walk alone.

I had Police Officers tell me, in confidence, that between 50% and 100% of all crime was done by illegal aliens!

Something had to be done.

I crafted the “Rule of Law Resolution”, which had two key components. The first gets very little attention, but it allows County Employees to deny services to anyone not legally residing in the County. As it turns out, because so many County Programs have federal or state dollars attached to them – County Employees cannot discriminate nor ask anyone’s status seeking services fro most programs. If nothing else, this sent the message that the county was pulling in the “Welcome Mat” for illegal aliens.

The second portion was known as “the Police Chapter” and was obviously much more controversial. At first, it allowed the Police to ask the legal status of anyone they encountered during a lawful stop; traffic citation, breaking and entering, domestic dispute etc. Our County Attorney and the attorneys on the Board felt uncomfortable with that procedure. They felt the much stronger legal position would be “post arrest”. Once an individual was arrested and thereby in the custody of the state, they cold be interviewed as to their legal status. The County has never been sued on this issue!!! On a parallel course, we were one of the first jurisdictions in the country to have our Adult Detention Center (jail) guards trained under the 287(g) program. All were trained. We subsequently had all our uniformed Police Officers (approx. 600) trained as well.

Three years after implementation of the Program, the results speak for themselves. Thousands of illegal aliens have left the county. Crimes against persons has dropped 46%, hit and run accidents have dropped 41% and just released last week – all crime is at a 16 year low! At first Immigration and Customs Enforcement balked at taking so many of our criminal illegal aliens, but they came on board shortly thereafter. ICE has issued detainers on over 3,000 individuals. Once they complete their prison sentences, they will be deported to their nation of origin.

ICE solely makes the determination as to who it will issue a detainer upon. Once done, ICE physically takes custody of that individual and the matter is out of the County’s hands.

We have been contacted by jurisdictions throughout the United States to find out how we did it and if it works. During the debate, I was contacted by thousands of Citizens from virtually every state in the nation. There were common themes in all the communications: 1. Thank God someone took action. 2. It’s about time. 3 Come and do the same thing here in my community. 4. Don’t back down.”

I think he summed it up well.

It is my hope others in both Loudoun and Prince William Counties will join me in supporting John Stirrup for a seat in the Virginia Senate. I am convinced John  Stirrup represents the kind of conservative candidate that can not only win both the primary, but more important, the general election. John Stirrup is the kind of Social and Fiscal conservative that can build a winning coalition within the Republican Party while  attracting those independent minded voters who most recently rejected Democrat candidates in Virginia . But most important, John Stirrup can and will provide the kind of conservative forward thinking leadership so missing in the Virginia Senate.