The other day, a young man came to my door looking for signatures to get on the ballot as an independent for the Sterling District.  He told me he lived right down the street.  I told him he needed to be a citizen to run for office and he said he was.  I asked if he was Muslim and he said yes–all in English that would be on par to Customer-service Steve out in India.  I informed him I didn’t want to sign and he informed me it was in no way an endorsement (really?  Like, DUH!)  I said that I understood that and that I still wouldn’t sign.  He left.  I very much like my supervisor and don’t need to see a 3 or 4 way race.  Still too many sheep in our voting district.

What concerns me is that there are more and more candidates running for public office both locally and nationally that are citizens but Islamic.  If nothing else, we have seen what Islamic indoctrination can do in politics since the current president was in that environment all of his childhod.  It shows in his policies and his treatment of other non-friendly countries.  But how does Islamic belief work in American politics?  It doesn’t!

This country of ours was built on laws stemming from Judao-Christian beliefs.  Most of our freedoms come from GOD’s law.  The good part about politics and religion is, if man’s law does not coincide with GOD’s law then we have the option of not getting into politics and still serve GOD.  Islamic law or the muslim belief doesn’t have that option.  The Muslims don’t abide with “the West’s” way of doing things and must interject their religion into every aspect of their lives.  You can’t govern in America and still balance your religious life without changing one or the other.  Therein lies the problem. With the unrest coming in the Middle East and radicals and the “Brotherhood” waiting in the wings to “bring about Democratic change” to the region, I have a belief of what is going to come about when the dust settles.  Doesn’t the Koran say something about Muslims ruling the world?  Is there not western countries that are now accomodating muslims in their beliefs and those countries have/are loosing almost everything that showed of their sovereignty?  Does this not happen in the U.S. in some states or municipalities?  This country should not be made Sharia compliant and follow the death-nell of others.

The Japanese lost World War 2 yet still conquered America in so many ways and we helped them do it.  The Cold War will never be over as long as other countries still keep spys and plants in our country.  My father brought me up to be suspicious as did my job, the government, what people say and do, and my grown nature.  I don’t like what is going on in other parts of the world and I believe “new citizens”, especially muslims, are very suspicious to me in nature with all that has happened in the last 10 years.  This isn’t Star Trek where the whole world has come to peace and together in pursuit of bettering mankind and it isn’t going to start down that road anytime soon when you have a failure of groups who refuse to speak out againest others of their kind who are a radical element.  When doctors will rat out other doctors; lawyers rat out other lawyers and muslims rat out other muslims, then maybe; just maybe, I will change my way of thinking.  Until that day comes I don’t want muslims interfering with American law and sovereignty.  The 2 absolutely do not mix just because of conflicting beliefs.  Sorry, kid.  I don’t know you and I don’t trust you.  I don’t want you on any ballot for any position.