This should bring in some support for the Chapman campaign – just came across the email:

Former Loudoun County Sheriff Nominee, Greg Ahlemann, Endorses Mike Chapman for Sheriff – cites Mike’s conservative values and ability to lead in the 21st Century

June 8th, 2011


The elections taking place this year are of great importance to the direction and future of our country and our communities. Change takes place at the local level where, as voters, we can directly influence this change. After watching the federal government grow and politicians fight to hold on to power at all cost, I have witnessed the same sentiment in our backyards. The sense of entitlement should be disturbing to all Americans and it is rampant at all levels of government. Specifically, we are now looking at the possibility of a Loudoun Sheriff who feels the entitlement to hold office for two decades, maybe more. This change begins here and begins now.

After speaking with the Republican Sheriff’s candidates, consulting current and former deputies and studying the platforms of all running for the Republican nomination, I have decided to endorse one candidate. While I’m sure the other two are good men, one stands out from the rest. He represents, what I believe, is the only candidate who can unseat a career politician in November. The man I speak of is Mike Chapman. As the Republican nominee for Sheriff of Loudoun in 2007, I am confident that Mike is the right man to be not only the Republican nominee but also the next Sheriff of Loudoun County.

Unfortunately, this time of year there are many plans and ideas being thrown out on how to solve the many challenges facing the future of Loudoun County. Quite frankly, after looking and listening to all three candidates’ ideas, it become very clear that Mike Chapman is the only one who has a realistic plan. Many times statements are made that are good sound bites but they are simply impractical or even bordering on the absurd.

There are several specific reasons I support Mike Chapman for Sheriff. First, he has been in active law enforcement since before 9/11. Never has one decade changed the way law enforcement operates than the last 10 years. Being out of law enforcement leaves a candidate far behind the curve in facing the future challenges of battling crime in the 21st century. Second, Mike Chapman is one of the hardest working candidates I have ever seen. I assure you that you will see this during the campaign season. It separates him from the others, to include our current Sheriff who has been “missing in action” for several years. This speaks volumes about the level of commitment and enthusiasm he will bring to the Sheriff’s Office. The agency will follow his lead and, I believe, become one of the premiere departments in the nation.

Finally, Mike Chapman has been endorsed by several Loudoun deputies (based on my personal conversations with them). After more than a decade with the department, I personally know many officers who have my respect for their tireless work ethic and their integrity. When speaking to those officers, they all supported the candidacy of Mike Chapman for Sheriff. I do not take their endorsement lightly, as I have on numerous occasions during my career with Loudoun, entrusted them with my very life during the performance of our duties and service to the citizens of Loudoun County.

I am excited about the future of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office with Mike Chapman as our next Sheriff. While I recognize that all three candidates are pro-life, support enforcing immigration laws and believe in the strength of the 2nd Amendment, I expect more from our next Sheriff. Mike has the experience and the drive to lead Loudoun County forward. I am honored to endorse Mike Chapman as the next Sheriff of Loudoun County.


Greg Ahlemann (2007 Republican Nominee for Sheriff of Loudoun County)
Current Law Enforcement Officer and Sr. Pastor in Winchester, Va