Anthony Wiener shows his weener for all the world to see.  Yet he broke no laws and therefore should be able to continue in his congressional position for the time alotted.  So says the polls of his liberal citified Yankee constiuants.  Let’s see: one=immoral, two=liberal, three=Yankee and four=citified.  Not only does 4 strikes make you out at bat but also throughs you out of the game…….except in this case.  That’s politics for you and why this country RUNS down the same path to destruction.

Gingrich lost his staff because he wants to run a different campaign from all others and thinks he can get his message across on debate only.  Good for him.  His staff quitting and the never ending stories about alligance and confidence in him is a 500lb bomb into the ammunition magazine of the Arizona–his ship is sunk.

Romney decides to hop on the hopeless bandwagon of global warming.  Didn’t Gore and Obama do that also?  Didn’t it get proven as a scam and junk science?  Never mind MyAss. health care he installed yet didn’t have a chance to “tweek it” because the Dems held the congress.  Yeh, okay.  I know that the MyAssachutesins don’t like it and, didn’t it or isn’t it breaking the state bank?  Now we have the other side saying that Romney is being bold and a leader.  That is the final nail in the coffin.  The other side picked our last candidate-McCain-and we know where that went.  We don’t need any more wrong headedness leading the GOP.  Bad for us.

Trump got out and chose his successful TV show but don’t count him out as an independant candidate if Paul Ryan’s plan is accepted by the primary GOP candidate.  In or out? (that’s a weener joke)

Perry is looking into coming to bat but he carries the baggage of wanting to give illegals tuition aide.  That can be changed–especially with shots coming over the border from Mexico as well as the entrenched cartel cells operating in America.  They all look the same so how do you differentiate the illegals who want a better life to the illegals that are connected with organizations?  I like Perry but didn’t Bush hold the same type of affection towards illegals?  This doesn’t work for me.

I’m still waiting for others to fall on their sword.  I persnally think that a woman has the best chance of succeeding as the primary candidate in this election.  One outside the good-ol-boy network and is highly conservative.  At least I would know where their values lie.  Do you think their might be some naked pictures of Palin or Bachmann out there for sale?  From my standpoint it would be 10 times better than some nasty old Wiener!