I don’t have time to blog, but let’s pause for a moment to appreciate those who do.

Today’s topics: The unbearable whiteness of Democrats, and gay marriage.

Exhibit A, a very funny post from a very funny blogger: Best blog post I’ve read this year. An excerpt -

…and the Number One thing Almost as White as the new College Democrats ad…

1. You know Dr. Smith from Lost in Space? Yeah, the guy he just curb-stomped for being such an up-tight narrow-ass honky

If Ace ever wonders about the wisdom of becoming a full-time blogger so many years ago, let me say: You chose wisely, sir, and we thank you. Read it all.

Exhibit B, a pretty straightforward post from a normally ridiculously funny blogger:

The main argument for gay marriage is holding these two conflicting statements true at the same time:

1. Marriage is a very special thing, so more people should be allowed to join in it.

2. Marriage is not a special thing, so changing its meaning isn’t a problem.

A bit of clarity on a topic that tends to get talked to a state of confusion. Thank you, Frank J. (and yes, read all of that one, too). Hat tip to Smitty.