More from the accumulated mail: The flyers from David Ramadan and George Allen must have arrived the same day because they were stacked on top of one another when we got home from a trip. I suppose in the mind of the Ramadan campaign having the same PR firm drop the campaign pieces together could be viewed as a positive since even an untrained eye could tell they came from the same company.

Same layout, same color scheme. Same arrangement of messages (Ramadan has a narrower message, but they did what they could with it.) Same postal indicia, same return address style, exact same phrasing of the addressee (used the same mail list).

For reasons of taste I would have wanted them to arrive separately, but that’s just me. My editorial marks and notes are in yellow.

George Allen and David Ramadan flyers page 1

Allen-Ramadan flyers: Same color scheme, Photoshop elements, message summaries

George Allen and David Ramadan flyers inside spread
George Allen and David Ramadan flyers page 4

Allen-Ramadan flyers: Same design, return address and address styles, postal indicia, social network links, and both summarize the main message