There was an email this morning from Mike Chapman notifying that tonight’s hastily-called “debate” interfered with one of his previous commitments so he could not make it.

Now the following from Scott York:

Posted on July 7, 2011 by Scott York

As planned for many weeks, Scott York will participate and speak at a fundraiser for Republican Board of Supervisors candidate Ken Reid on the evening of July 7 in Leesburg. Reid and York announced their formal support for each other’s nominations last month. This event is one of the final opportunities for both campaigns to solicit delegates for the upcoming Loudoun County Republican Convention. The deadline to file as a Delegate is Sunday afternoon, July 10.

Recently, the 10th District Republican Committee announced a debate on the same evening for candidates in the contested races for Chairman and Sheriff in Loudoun County. Scott York was invited and would enjoy another debate with his opponent, Steve Stockman.

This debate could’ve provided such an opportunity, but Scott has declined to participate and notified 10th District Chairman, Howie Lind, several days ago. The reasons are simple:

(1) the York campaign already has an important event scheduled with prospective delegates on the same evening, and no desire to cut short Scott’s participation to rush to a debate that was scheduled with knowledge of the Reid-York event; and
(2) the York campaign’s focus this week is on recruitment of delegates to the Republican Convention prior to the deadline this Sunday.

We are unsure why the event is continuing to be advertised after we declined to participate.

Instead, please come join us in supporting Ken Reid (flyer here) and Scott York by attending the fundraiser and signing up as a delegate. For more information go to or contact the campaign at 571.934.6144.

So the two people who are certainly the front runners won’t be there and this event is still being advertised as a “debate”? It takes logistical skills to put such an event together, especially within less than 3 weeks of the vote, and whoever is driving this bus clearly does not know what they are doing. You can’t just decide “hey, let’s have a debate” and expect everyone to clear their schedules the following week.

If you were planning to drive to Leesburg tonight, don’t bother.