Just wrote a quick lunchtime comment reply to my friend Jack Ryan, and realized it belongs on the front page since it involves the campaign theme for Steve Stockman – and this is your one-stop repository for all things related to Steve Stockman’s potential campaign themes.

Summary: Steve Stockman has sat around doing nothing for 20 years. Now he wants the highest elected office in Loudoun County. Soon, he will even begin to work for it.

Jack, Steve Stockman has got to be the laziest candidate for any office and here he thinks he deserves to be Chairman? Not only has he done NOTHING in over 20 years to make a positive change in the county – no addresses to the Board, no letters to the editor, no grassroots or civic activity, nothing – but he has barely even campaigned. He has given NOT A SINGLE campaign “speech”. At the LCRC all it amounted to was making an announcement at the podium. The guy could not even be bothered to put together some coherent thoughts. He has been at public events for – what a little less than 3 months – since he announced, and lets his daughter do 95% of the talking (his daughter is wonderful, by the way, many have said she is the one who should be running for office). As a candidate, Steve is a joke.

I guess he is saving his campaign speeches until he gets the nomination, just to make sure it is worth the trouble to put one together.

If ever there was someone who thought they were going to cruise into office because of past accomplishments it is this clown. But even according to the lame GOP mantra, “It’s my turn” this guy fails because it is not even “his turn.”

Steve Stockman is a nobody who has done nothing to show he would even take the job seriously, but because some people put a bug in his ear that they would carry him into the Board room and deposit him in the Chairman’s seat he has decided to dip his toe in the water on the outside chance it might be worth his time.

I have personally done 1000% more than Steve Stockman during the past decade to try and help this county and I was only active for 18 months. Here’s some free advice, Jack: Tell Steve Stockman to spend 15 minutes at his desk and put together a speech for public delivery. Nothing fancy, just some thoughts that follow one another, preferably on a topic that shows he wants to make things better for the residents of Loudoun County. One friggin’ speech, ok?

Failing that, how about a letter to the editor? Oh, I forgot, I guess it is too late for either of those things, since Steve has been sitting on his ass for the past 20 years and since he announced for this office he has done exactly bupkiss for the past 10 weeks, but now in the 5 days before the filing deadline suddenly he has a bunch anonymous trolls shooting their mouths off on his behalf.

Here’s the next campaign theme I need a graphic for if anyone can help:

“I’m Steve Stockman, and although I am too lazy to give a speech, I do have a group of anonymous trolls on the Internet speaking very highly of me all of a sudden.”

UPDATE: We have just been informed by “Pam” – the anonymous troll who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to grace us with her unusual patterns of thought in her feverish attempts to help Steve Stockman – that Steve Stockman supposedly finally did give a speech last night, July 7 – which was only heard by anonymous trolls and hobgoblins, but by all accounts was a really terrific speech.

Yay for Steve Stockman; all the shadows in the graveyard cry “yay.”

UPDATE II: Click here for much more about last night’s event at which Steve Stockman finally spoke publicly. Read the comments. Quite a coming-out party situation for Steve! Like I said in the comments somewhere, Steve Stockman is all about the timing.