Steve Stockman on illegal immigration: 2007 solution to 2011 issues

As if on cue, Steve Stockman, the man with no supporters willing to reveal their names and no campaign platform to speak of, has suddenly discovered “illegal immigration” in his latest email.

A campaign directive from one of his extremely astute anonymous supporters, this advice seems to be what so many other candidates have been advised: talk about “illegal immigrants” and “Prince William County” and you are in like Flynn.

You know, because of all the illegal immigrants causing all these problems here in Loudoun County – where we have absolutely no law enforcement. There are probably illegals banging on the windows of your house right now as we speak.

Steve Stockman has no supporters with names, and I believe no supporters with money (have not checked in detail, but that campaign finance report looked pretty much like Steve is trying to buy himself a seat here), and no familiarity with anything happening in Loudoun County that he can’t find outside of a google search – well, because 4 years ago there actually was a lot of news about illegal immigration here in Loudoun County.