Here’s a well-reasoned comment deserving of greater attention, and thus now elevated to “blog post” status. 

The commentator, known to many, is an independent (ie non-GOP) conservative activist here in Loudoun. 

ah…well, I’ve been holding off on commenting on this topic for the last few weeks, but have just about had it up to my eyeballs.

First, Joe, kudos for the selective research from 20 years ago. Personally, if I was seeking to make someone look disingenuous and thus indirectly defend the sins of someone from 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 years ago…I’d probably pull articles from 1984 like you did.

It seems, however, that in your zeal to show Mr. Stockman to be so blatantly big government based on two budget votes from the 1980s, you have attempted to actually paint York as a “Conservative” apparently based on his activities since then. It doesn’t take an Arisotlean mind to see the logical fallacy in this.

You’ve also continually tried to portray a successful business owner as “out of touch” and disconnected and asleep for the last twenty years. I’m sure the myriad of business owners in Loudoun County are appreciative to hear that a blogger’s opinion is more important than theirs, but I don’t even think that YOU believe that someone who runs a title company in Loudoun County is not fairly in tune to the goings on of land use, regulation, property taxes, and public budgets. Have you run a title company? I sure haven’t…but I know enough about it to know that Mr. Stockman simply HAS to know more about these things than I do.

Now, do I wish that Mr. Stockman (or whoever Mr. York’s primary opponent could have been) had been more vocal and active on policy issues over the last several years. Yep. Sure. Do I believe that he was not active enough in his campaign, and should have run a more open and vocal race than a behind the scenes convention-driven one. Yep. Absolutely. I’ve told his campaign so. Repeatedly. It’s the main reason (since I’m not going to the Convention) that I could not vocally support his campaign.

But unless logic and reason has completely left me…this does NOT make Mr. York a “Conservative”…it does not mean that HIS failures should be ignored.

And on just about every Conservative count that I hold dear and the counts held dear (purportedly) by Mr. Monk, Mr. Stone, and others whose self-congratulatory strategery is so advanced and genius, York is NOT a conservative.

It is because of Scott York that we have a plaque honoring “sustainability” on our wall in the County building and every task force regarding energy, transportation, land use…you name it…is effectively managed by ICLEI proxies.

It is because of Scott York that our Government has grown to the size it has and the School budget has been left unchecked.

It is because of him, and the people he worked hard to get elected to the Board of Supervisors that Loudoun’s private sector (my business, my clients, Mr. Stockman’s business, Mr. Stockman’s clients, and whoever else on this thread hasn’t been living off the teat of Government for the last 20 years) have to cut, lay off, and downsize EVERY YEAR while the size of our Government has grown and grown and grown.

Look. I get it. It’s a political calculation. Move the Chairman spot from an I to an R with very little effort or money and focus on the District Races so you can “keep him in line.”

I can understand that calculation and with all due respect for those that are making it, I vehemently disagree with it, because it depends on THREE things ALL happening in perfect harmony, that many (including those that are supporting Mr. Stockman, despite his faults) do not believe will happen:

1) that at least 6 of the District Supervisor spots will be in Republican hands AND they all stay tried and true and sure to the limited Government cause, AND they’re able to hold Mr. York accountable to those ideals. Sure. That’s not wishful thinking….really.
2) That Scott York will retire in four years. Just retire. Go back to doing what he was doing 24 years ago…after a quarter century of living off Loudoun County tax dollars. I’m sure he won’t run for higher office. I mean…he said he probably wouldn’t. Right? Sure…
3) That the political winds remain in the limited Government favor. Anyone that thinks that the limited government movement is not going to hit a relapse after a Republican enters the White House (if a Republican enters the White House) has not followed national or Virginia politics…well…EVER.

I think it’s MORE of a risk (and apparently I’m not completely alone on this) to take on Mr. York for another term just because Mr. Delgaudio seems to think he can keep him in line than it is to bring on someone who, although not active in a while, is willing to sacrifice some of his time and effort to stop the madness that is hurting a lot of our businesses…madness propagated by the current Chairman.

More importantly, it really says a lot about the LCRC that it is willing to take on someone who has done…as Ms. Curtis points out, a lot more recently than 1984…WAY more damage to limited Government causes than Mr. Stockman could ever dream of doing. IF Scott York wins the convention, it meant that either the LCRC has absolutely no limited and accountable government principles…or they are willing to sell them out for short-term political gain.

Further, ALL of this would still be understandable (the reason I’m not a Republican is that I’ve grown to expect these calculations), if we were just honest.

THIS is not honest.

THIS is a couple of bloggers who have turned this into a cute game to pick on a lesser known candidate because someone had the audacity to challenge them on their blog.

THIS is pathetically sycophantic ego-stroking by those who made the aforementioned fatally flawed political calculation and wish to ignore reality because they want a bunch of Rs on the board.

THIS…will backfire. I hope it doesn’t…but I fear it will.

What WOULD have been honest from the bloggers and the sycophants is if they had sought out an ACTUAL conservative of their own if they didn’t feel that Mr. Stockman fit the bill (or even if they did).

What WOULD have been honest is in EVERY PUBLIC FORUM AVAILABLE to them they would have held Scott York accountable to his record and hold his feet to the fire…and challenge the assumptions.

What WOULD have been honest is getting Mr. York on record denouncing his “mistakes,” explaining them, and dedicating his campaign to correcting them. Instead, to use Mr. Stone’s terminology, they stuck their fingers in their ears and screamed “LALALALALALA” just hoping that “Pam” and the EVIL Mr. Grigsby just shut up so they can get their “victory.” It seems their hypocrisy knows…no bounds.

I don’t think it’s any wonder that after all the major swing towards the right that Loudoun County has taken since 2008, evidenced by the Governor’s race and the united stand against CBPO, that the people of Loudoun County are still not flocking to the LCRC, and indeed many are leaving in disgust. This post and the ones that have preceded it offer plenty of evidence.

So, if the Republican Party in Loudoun County wants to embrace Mr. York…fine.

But please call it for what is: a ploy for raw political power, NOT a move towards a smaller and more limited and accountable County government.