There may be coverage, or not, depending on the weather. It may be too sultry to blog.

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UPDATE 1:05 pm:

I think York won – just saw a disappointed person from
the Stockman camp walk out of the counting room.


York: “We will make the board Republican 9-0.”

Chapman wins 2567 – 1114.


It ended with a very upbeat request for nominating Scott York by acclamation by Steve Stockman. He was a complete gentleman and, as Barbara Munsey noted on the way out, Stockman handled the Convention exactly as it is supposed to be done. You play by the rules and accept the results graciously. Thanks to Steve Stockman for the hard fought campaign.

UPDATE: # of delegate and “votes per delegate” weighting:

Dulles 43 – 9.67
Algonquin 97 – 5.22
Blue Ridge 166 – 3.30
Catoctin 245 – 2.33
Leesburg 125 – 3.49
Broad Run 74 – 5.47
Sterling 100 – 3.32
Ashburn 111 – 4.63


The E.W. Jackson table looked like the busiest section of the candidates’ tabletop area following the morning speeches. Who is E.W. Jackson? I did not know either, but after giving the only speech of the prospective 2012 Republican nominees for U.S. Senate that stirred excitement in the room, a lot of Loudoun County Republicans were asking the same question. Wow. Visit him on Facebook and Twitter. (Yeah, I am in the tank for him already):

E.W. Jackson at LCRC Convention

Joe Budzinski and E.W. Jackson