The Loudoun GOP convention is over, the winners are declared, and now is a time of unity moving towards November’s elections. Scott York’s victory  has created an environment for the possibility of real gains for Loudoun Republicans on the Board of Supervisors. With only two Republicans on the current board and the retirement of Supervisor Lori Waters after her current term, Republicans are poised to displace a number of under-performing Democrats and Independents and take control of the Board of Supervisors .

Before moving forward let’s examine how we got here. How did Scott York re- join the Loudoun GOP and manage to win at the convention? Two words, Eugene Delgaudio. For months now, elected officials, party members, conservative activists, other candidates for the Board of Supervisors, and some in the business community, have been working the back channels of communication in an attempt to create the circumstances that would allow Chairman York to run for re-election as a Republican. Many people played important roles in making this happen, however, no single person had more to do with the successful conclusion we now enjoy than Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. After careful thought and deliberation, it was Supervisor Delgaudio whose active participation made it happen. It was Supervisor Delgaudio who embraced Chairman York’s re-entry into the party, putting aside past differences for the greater good of the party. He saw the benefits to the entire Republican ticket and he expended the political capital required to lay the groundwork for Chairman York’s re-entry to the party and ultimate success at the convention.

I know how much time and thought the Supervisor put into this decision because I was constantly hammering on him to make it happen. I was a bit of a pain in the neck to my friend Eugene, and for that I apologize. I was not the only one working on him, and I know the pressure was tremendous for him to make this happen. He reacted to all in a thoughtful and professional manner and he knew how important this was not only to the Republican Party and our chances for success in November, but more importantly the direction of county government for years to come. With our current economy dragging, anemic job creation, county budget woes to include mounting debt and debt service, Supervisor Delgaudio made a decision that having Chairman York as part of the team greatly enhanced the entire Republican ticket moving into November.  Knowing the issues and being able to see the big picture, Supervisor Delgaudio made the wise decision.

When the decision was made he did not simply go through the motions with a passive endorsement, he jumped in with both feet putting his energy, his political network, and considerable skills to work for the good of the cause. It is my hope that the York campaign, as well as the other BOS candidates fully comprehend what has happened, and why. Not only did Supervisor Delgaudio grease the skids for Chairman York’s reentry, but it was the Delgaudio factorthat provided the margin of victory. Let’s be honest here, the vote difference between Chairman York and Steve Stockman was very small. If Eugene Delgaudio had supported Steve Stockman, Chairman York would have lost. It is that simple.

It is rumored that Supervisor Delgaudio has yet a second challenger. He will be running against a leftist Democrat, and a new Independent candidate. For this reason  I ask all conservative activists, all of our candidates and Chairman York to redouble their efforts from this point forward to help the man who made party unity a reality. Supervisor Delgaudio has done his part, but this is a two way street. It is incumbent upon all who benefited from Supervisor Delgaudio’s efforts to begin the hard work required to get him re-elected. Candidates and citizens alike, it is in our best interest that Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio remain our Sterling Supervisor.

You can begin by attending Supervisor Delgaudio’s fundraiser with George Allen this Friday at 6:30 at Santini’s Restaurant in Sterling.