I just endured another speech from a tantruming Obama.  I truly cannot believe that a President of the U.S. can consistently be so immature and childish.  Regardless of what he is being told, he still has to get his way or he cries.

Now I thought of a way to make millions overnight.  Get a plastic bobblehead doll with his likeness that has a pullstring in the base.  Pull the string and all you hear is a baby crying……loudly.  Chinese can make them for $4 bulk and you can sell them for $10 and never have enough of a supply.  That’s a freebie for anyone that wants to run with it.  I am requesting you to do something different.  I know times are tough but if you could forgo a glass of wine or a couple beers then go on down to your local grocery and buy a package of Pampers Big Boy pullups and send them to the White House to the attention of Barack.  Maybe he’ll get the hint and, of course, (I think) the White House will give them to mothers in need OR Barack will start wearing them.  Regardless, it sends a message that even he (I think) will understand!