Interesting read in the WSJ about Medicare part D where the Dems want to change parts of Medicare part D (drug plan) to save us money.  As always, anytime they say they are saving us money it ends up costing an arm and a leg.  Take this proposal as example.  Medicare part D was a Bush thing where it was handled thru market competition.  Now this is one of the only times where an entitlement has ended up costing less than expected and worked better than advertised.  You’ll also remember that Bush wanted to do something similar with Social Security (never a truer name) and the Dems raved how people would be in the streets homeless or dead because of it.  We’ll never know now but it appears that when things are left to competition and the markets, we all end up winners.

Maybe it is time to review and move forward with the Ryan Plan if we ever want to save these entitlement programs.  I would venture to say that it would be wise to use this mindset in the future when our government wants more people on their dole with your money.  Worth the read.  You’ll never see this article in AARP (All About Raping the Public).