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This picture made me feel queasy, and I am really not sure I want to know what they were sharing.

Update, added another disturbing picture, and I am not feeling the love.

The Man with a Plan


That would be Herman Cain, of course, and he calls his plan The 999 Plan.

I do not agree with everything in the 999 Plan — I think there should be no corporate income tax at all — but Cain’s plan is a damned sight better than anything else being proposed.

I have been on his email list since January.  I have contributed to his campaign, and intend to do so again.

We do not need more career politicians, we need real leaders with real ideas who know how jobs are created (hint: it’s not through government handouts).

Read his plan, and read his op-ed in today’s Washington Times.

Respectfully declined for anonymous–and he just HAS to know who I am, where I live, where I work, what I do to even think about conducting business.  Why do you need all that information?  He should have just quit while he was behind but he goes further: My process is flawed because I give “similar questions ( I have 2 sets-one for candidates and one for incumbents), I don’t send the questions FIRST so that they can decide to do the interview (I have told every candidate that they can decline even after I send them the questions) and since he gets many questionnaires from……ready…..LEGITAMATE organizations (I think that Joe B. proved that NVTH is legit and confirmed by the many politicos and celebrities that grace this blog) but sites 2–the Chamber of Commerce and the NEA!  The alarm bells in my head are deafening.

Mr. Buona seems like a likable person.  I couldn’t tell you with the military/corporate executive arrogance in his statements.  I have dealt with that type all my life.  He is an east/west kinda guy; that is to say crowd the east and save the west.  He wants data centers all over for revenue.  We’ve lost AOL, MCI ducked out on back taxes, isn’t Telos moving somewhere?  I gather that his insight for progressing and prospering is to first grow the county government to be able to assess our needs and then spend more money trying to coddle business.  I could go on but his basic read is at his website.

He says he’s running for his family and mine but I don’t see that so leave my family out of it.  Now I’m not here to hurt any parties or ruffle any feathers but, then again, I’m not into popularity contests either.  Something ain’t right here and my gut tells me no, no, no!  Here is another race with a lack of choice.  Just hold your nose when you pull the lever.

Mr. Ronis was delighted to participate in this interview.  I guess the only thing he forgot to do was the interview.  Shame.  I would have loved to hear what he had to say.  Sorry but that is strike one for not doing what you said you would do.

Mr. Ronis is an “I will” kinda guy as his website states.  He will enhance the budget of the school system but be critical of “things” that aren’t necessary for student learning (I’m guessing whiteboards here).  He will only allow tax increases for necessary things–which are just about everything that I can tell.  He will make sure that the Silver Line has a budget.  He will make sure that bike paths stretch across Rt. 7 at Ashburn Village Blvd. and Belmont Ridge Rd (for the life of me I don’t know why.  What fool would transit those roads on a bicycle anyway).  He will work for “smart growth” (didn’t we already go thru that fiasco and drain the county coiffures needlessly?) as well as density packing the east side of the county and leaving the west untouched and pristine (so I have gone from rural to suburban and about to go urban–I think I want a say in this matter).

I hate to say it but I don’t agree with the philosophy of Mr. Ronis and it is more of the same and then some.  You make your own decision.  I have made mine with the information available.

Constitutional Officers from Loudoun County and the Republican Sheriff’s Candidate Mike Chapman will be holding a Press Conference today at 1:00 pm at the Leesburg Courthouse. What is being communicated is that they will address some issues surrounding the Sheriff’s race in Loudoun.

Anyone that has a chance to attend and can make a report, please comment!

Update: Loudoun Times Mirror write up.

The government has no money except what it takes from the people.  But the people are not donating their money to the causes that the socialists want them to, so they have to take the people’s money to fund these causes.  So who is to decide how much money to take and which causes to give it to?  Well, the politicians, of course.  But who elects the politicians?  The same people whom the socialists think are not smart enough to decide where their money should go.

So there is the dilemma of democratic socialism: if the people are not smart enough to decide where their money should go, how can they be smart enough to decide who the deciders will be?

The 2 candidates running are Suzanne Volpe (R) and Denise Moore Pierce (D).

The response I got back from Ms. Volpe was the same old “anonymous-non ligitamate” crap and rather than give her a rip, I will just give a warning.  I like Suzanne and although she does not know me real well, we get along and I appreciate her views.  She can hold her own and see no problem, even with her detractors, with her taking this race.  Suzanne, be careful how you treat others.  You never know who you are talking to or how they may be able to assist you.  Treat everyone fairly and give them all consideration.

As has been the norm, I wasn’t afforded the decency of a response after two queries.  That is always a red flag with me.  I have read a few things from Ms. Pierce (don’t recall exactly where) but I was able to garner this:  she has no substance and comes off snarky.  She makes me feel she is in this campaign for herself and not the residents of the county which, I believe, is detrimental to us all.  I won’t give her a second thought.