The 2 candidates running are Suzanne Volpe (R) and Denise Moore Pierce (D).

The response I got back from Ms. Volpe was the same old “anonymous-non ligitamate” crap and rather than give her a rip, I will just give a warning.  I like Suzanne and although she does not know me real well, we get along and I appreciate her views.  She can hold her own and see no problem, even with her detractors, with her taking this race.  Suzanne, be careful how you treat others.  You never know who you are talking to or how they may be able to assist you.  Treat everyone fairly and give them all consideration.

As has been the norm, I wasn’t afforded the decency of a response after two queries.  That is always a red flag with me.  I have read a few things from Ms. Pierce (don’t recall exactly where) but I was able to garner this:  she has no substance and comes off snarky.  She makes me feel she is in this campaign for herself and not the residents of the county which, I believe, is detrimental to us all.  I won’t give her a second thought.