In January 2004, Alfonso R. Nevarez Jr. was married to a lady named Jeane.  She is a Seattle girl, daughter of a Caucasian father and a Latina mother.  She is also an artist.  Jeane once remarked on a blog that she felt like she had grown up with a pencil constantly in her hand.  She began her formal art studies at Ricks College, then a small, two-year school in Rexburg, Idaho, under the administration of the LDS.  It is now a four-year institution called Brigham Young University-Idaho.  She then moved to California, where she finished her studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Jeane struggled at first as an aspiring artist.  In a comment on the Ed Maskevich Blog in January 2007, she described her early post-student days of living in many, small, dark, cheap basement apartments in San Francisco.  After marrying Al in 2004, she continued to follow her artistic pursuits, although recent blog comments indicate that she is now much preoccupied with mothering her two little girls.

     Jeane is a good sketch artist who appears to specialize in drawing animals.  Her self-portraits are also very good.  As one who has dabbled in the arts and actually taught sketching and perspective in a foreign country far, far away, the author posits that Jeane’s talent is really on display in a particular area: This lady can draw a moving horse!  If you have ever tried to draw one of those beasts in motion and get the body proportions right, especially the shape and correct angles of the legs, you will know what the author means. You can view some of Jeane’s work on the internet at Art by Jeane Nevarez — which she calls her “sketch blog.”

     Jeane has also gone into another, quite different art form.  The paintings are based on dream images, and the painters are known as “dream artists.”  It is an intriguing surrealism on the order of Salvador Dali.  Jeane, who works in pastels, calls these her “surreal fantasy paintings from the Subconscious Collection.”  You can see Jeane’s work at Artwanted.com or at Original Art Online.  You can even purchase a painting if you wish.  Jeane has stated that art “gives extra dimension” to her life.

     Jeane’s talents are not limited just to art and mothering.  She is also a knowledgeable gardener who has her own gardening blog and an avid reader with a critic’s blog to match.  About the only thing that Jeane, by her own admission, seems not to have mastered is making tortillas from scratch.  She related on a cooking blog that she had tried to imitate the Latinas with whom she lived but just could not handle the measuring by ear and by eye.  The author’s spouse can relate to that.  She once had a great-aunt who was an excellent cook and baker.   Whenever you asked the aunt how much of this or that ingredient went into a recipe, she would reply:  “Well, just a glug of this and two glugs of that.”  A “glug” was the sound an ingredient made when it came out of the bottle.

     Now comes a moment when the author can give Alfonso a fun little poke in the ribs.  There is one other thing about Jeane, and the author still cannot believe that Al would admit this on a blog.  Hopefully he was just joking.  In a posted comment to his Daily Kos diary of 17 October 2008, Al confessed:  “My wife handles the money.  I am thoroughly unqualified to balance a check book. lol!”

Part VI to follow:  Al on Politics.