Think of me as a Herman Cain: I learn as I go. I have seen the name over the last year and some gripes that go with it. So she is doing something with the Chapmann campaign. So what. She is an LCRC member and is getting hammered. I will be the first to tell you all–again–that I will give my opinion about all candidates as I see them. I will even comment on the LCRC candidates who I feel some should not even be in the race. A better crop was surely available and the LCRC took whatever was at hand. Okay, so we missed a golden opportunity and must live with it. I surely want the best people for the job and I still have slight reservations about Chapmann but am THANKFUL that the nominee ISN’T Speakman. Now we have a 3 way race and Chapmann is not only the LCRC candidate but the best choice to get rid of Simpson.

The question I pose: If the LCRC’s goal is to rid the county of Simpson, why are we slamming the Chapmann campaign and all those involved? What am I missing here? I thought that the LCDC didn’t vet their candidates and stood united with whatever losers they could conjure. So why, so close to election, s the LCRC helping the LCDC candidate and Simson rather than their own? Please stop. This is one of 3 races that really concern me and I don’t want to see it lost. My take of what I see. Maybe your concerns with Ms. Mills must be addressed in committee rather than open blog. I don’t see the usefulness in his endeavor.