The following is a random taste of Al’s views on economic issues:

DAILY KOS, 18 JUNE 2008, “BETTER IDEAS FOR OUR ECONOMY”  This is one of Al’s principal statements on his economic views.  We will first present a list of his stated economic priorities and then follow that with a few quotes.

Al’s List

1.   Achieving energy independence from big oil.
2.   Taxing corporations on windfall profits.
3.   Letting the tax cuts expire and increasing taxes on the wealthiest 5%.
4.   Closing shelters and loopholes.
5.   Slashing the defense budget, the homeland security budget, and end the prohibition on drugs.
6.   Implement a system of fair trade so that American manufacturing can recover and expand to include production of alt-energy generators (i.e. solar panels, vehicles).
7.   Invest in science/technology at all levels.
8.   Remove the roadblock to union organizing by passing the Employee Free Choice Act and reviving the middle class.
9.   Pass an amendment to require 2/3 of the House and 60% of the Senate to pass any unbalanced budget.
10. Reset our currency, diversifying the Standard to take the load off the Reserve.

       “Most workers are reliant upon federal government spending for their middle class existence….Decrease spending without increasing taxes would be a burden far too heavy to bear.”

       “Of course, the big doozie comes from endorsing ANWR and offshore drilling.  Worst.  Idea.  Ever.  To think that the average American would ever receive any benefit whatsoever from this is laughable. We should be moving away from oil and marginalizing the power of big oil companies.  Our efforts should zero in on implementing alternative fuel infrastructure.  Cities should begin installing outlets on curbs and parking lots for more all-electric vehicle use.  Natural gas stations should be replacing petroleum stations. Our economy can begin healing once we achieve a modicum of energy independence.”

       “If we cut defense spending in half, we wouldn’t need to cut elsewhere.”

DAILY KOS, 23 MARCH 2009, “PAUL KRUGMAN IS NOT GOD.”   This diary was a discussion of national fiscal matters.  A quote from Al:

       “As for me, I’d just like it if everyone took a break from the mudslinging and wrote a letter to their Congress folks, newspapers, friends and/or family telling them, calmly, that many, if not a majority, of the most intelligent economic minds in our country believe nationalization of our banking system is the most credible solution to our economic crisis.”

DAILY KOS, 1 OCTOBER 2008, “FINANCIAL MARKETS BILL PASSES IN THE SENATE.” This diary by Al is interesting in that it portrays some skepticism over the bailout/rescue 74-25 bill for which Senator Obama voted in the affirmative.

       “I personally don’t know whether this will turn out being a good thing or a bad thing.  I’m happy to [see] the Senate include some long overdue tax relief for middle class families and those in the alternative energy industries. On the other hand, the idea of raising our debt another 3/4 trillion is nauseating, regardless of whether it works, and even more so if it fails.”

       [AUTHOR COMMENT;  A four trillion dollar increase in the national debt since January 2009.  I have Tums Extra Strength for Al if needed.]

DAILY KOS, 9 MARCH 2010, “COME JOIN US FOR LUNCH – AND GET ARRESTED”  This is Al on health care reform.  This diary was written in conjunction with a D.C. street demonstration against America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) that same day.

       “Some of us may not need a good reason to break the law, but here’s a few good reasons anyhow.  No matter which side of the DK [Daily Kos] bakery you enjoy hurling your pies from, we need all of you here in D.C. to put down your pastry for a day to tell AHIP to back the f**k off!

       See, America’s Health Insurance Plans, otherwise known as AHIP, are having a meeting today to try and find new and creative ways to screw patients and muddle in our democracy.  They will be plotting to not only kill this bill, but to ensure that health care legislation of any kind will never get this far in Washington again.

       That’s why Health Care for America Now, aka HCAN, is teaming up with the AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions to demonstrate the power of the people; to show these rich pricks that we won’t back down from the fight for health care reform.  Not now.  Not ever.”

       “Everyday we are bombarded with the media narrative that portrays astroturfing teabaggers as mouth pieces for the people.  We need to get out there and show them that the people want health care for all.  The people want health insurance companies to be better regulated, and held accountable when they engage in unethical practices that put profits before health.  The people want a democracy free from the influence of insurance companies with deep pockets and their well paid Washington lobbyists.  We need to show strength and determination against this beast known as AHIP.  This is the moment where we rise up.”

DAILY KOS, 23 FEBRUARY 2011, “OHIO: THE NEXT WISCONSIN!”  In this diary, Al discusses the protest campaign against Ohio Governor John Kasich and Ohio Senate Bill 5.  Al is involved in coordinating two of the street protests. and puts out a call for more participants.

       “This fight is not about public employees.  This fight is not even about unions.  It is about Americans standing up to defend the American Dream from soulless multi-national corporations and their political goons.”

       “Executives of the financial industry, and the politicians that work on their behalf, have worked hard to make America a source of cheap labor that could “compete” with China and other countries that don’t value their workforce.  They have decided that “winning” this race to the bottom was more important than preserving the things that made America great in the 20th Century.”

       ” Being a Republican and a former Wall St. executive, Kasich has the perfect resume to take this assault on the middle class to the next level… First he managed to get the state of Ohio to invest the pension in Lehman Brothers’ mortgage backed securities.  Then he capitalized on economic fears to get himself elected governor. Once elected, he used the very crisis he created to try and eliminate a critical piece of Ohio’s union membership.”

       “There’s no empirical link between Kasich and the Koch brothers that I am aware of, but I do know that Kasich benefitted heavily from independent expenditures from the types of groups that the Koch brothers have been known to fund.  Since these groups are not obligated to disclose who is funding them, we don’t know who specifically got Kasich elected, but there’s little doubt in my mind that the money behind those groups came from parties interested in destroying the middle class.”

Part VIII to follow:  Epilogue.