This project was inspired by the curiosity of one Sterling District voter with regard to the background and political philosophy of a declared candidate for the district seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors — a candidate very new to Sterling itself and one who gave only minimal information about his background on his campaign website.  No further information was forthcoming in the local media, on the blogs, or in campaign literature from either political party.  It did appear to the author that the voters of Sterling District were being asked to vote rather much “in the blind.”

     As more and more information was collected and since the candidate did not seem to be ready to provide more detail on his own website, it was decided to share this research with other voters in the form of an “unauthorized biography” of Mr. Nevarez.  By definition an “unauthorized biography” is one in which the subject of the biography has no informational or editorial input.  To allow the subject to have such input causes the biography to lose its “unauthorized” status and to lay it open to claims of influence by the subject. Therefore, the reader can be assured that Mr. Nevarez had no personal input into this biographical work, other than the fact that a goodly part of it consists of his own words published elsewhere on the internet.  This is an internet project.  The information presented is, with the exception of comments made by the author and so noted, all in the public sector and available to anyone with the time, desire, and research skills to find it.

     The author has concluded that Mr. Nevarez is a dedicated and motivated “progressive” with a strong determination to pursue his personal goals in the political arena.  Nothing found during this research was truly surprising, except for one thing.  On 17 May 2010, Daily Kos published a diary entitled “The AZ Ethnic Studies Ban:HB2281.”  A young Arizona college student named Clay Gibson wrote this well-documented advocacy article which took Arizona state authorities to task for trying to end the “Mexican-American/Raza Studies Program” at Tucson High School.  Mr. Nevarez liked the article and asked Mr. Gibson to repost it at Daily Kos.  A blog technicality kept Mr. Gibson from doing so.  Mr. Nevarez did the reposting himself.

     At the very end of the article, between the final paragraph and the bibliography, is a third-person quotation.  I do not know how this quotation was added or included.  I am hoping that Mr. Gibson did the deed and that Mr. Nevarez overlooked it in his haste to repost.  The quote brought to mind a video which surfaced in an Obama campaign office in Texas in 2008 and then disappeared quickly after eyebrows were suddenly raised.  The quote is as follows:

                 “Education is the property of no one, it belongs to the people as a whole.  And if education is not given  to the people, they will have to take it.”   CHE GUEVARA

     I find it rather disturbing that a candidate for high office in Loudoun County might be involved with the public posting of a quotation from an individual who is sometimes known under the sobriquet of “The Butcher of La Cabana.”  A personal thing for the author?  Perhaps.  But I spent many years fighting against the spirtual heirs of this man, who held him up as a “revolutionary” icon and then did horrible things to innocent people in the pursuit of their political causes.  I hope this quote in the diary was just an oversight.