At Santini’s in Sterling this summer, George Allen summed up what has made Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio such an asset to the Sterling community for the past 12 years.

Former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen’s statement of endorsement for Sterling Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio:

What we can show here with Eugene Delgaudio is a person who is applying those common sense conservative principles.

Those foundational values. That philosophy of trusting free people and free enterprise.

Here at a local level he is taking care of what people care about.

He cares about transportation. That’s a kitchen table issue for any one of us in the region.

He cares about safe communities – to make sure our children are safe. He has been a leader in that.

Eugene cares about accountability in the schools: not just how much is being spent, but also making sure young people are being taught how to read and write and speak the English language and higher levels of math and science and history.

Eugene has been a firebrand for our principles.

Eugene has been a firebrand – though with results.

You see it here in Sterling District. He has also been one who has survived a lot of different waves

(Eugene is) one who keeps winning

With Eugene Delgaudio you have someone who is a proven leader.

A person who you know where his principles are and you know what his philosophy is and you have seen his votes.

He got involved fighting the meals tax long ago. I worked against meals taxes too. I have fought the meals tax.

Eugene Delgaudio has been that person, a leader who has been the taxpayers friend.

Thank you for supporting Eugene. He’s a great guy and a great worker.

The color orange, for the campaign color, shows a fighting spirit.

George Allen endorses Eugene Delgaudio