To understand the role the gay/LGBT ideologues play among liberal activists requires only three words: “Abigail Williams Syndrome” (with a hat tip to Arthur Miller).

In the following video, Winona Ryder portrays David or Jonathan Weintraub – take your pick; the group of cowed, compliant girls are liberal activists; and the judge is, well, you.

Get the full force of the metaphor – by all means watch the entire movie.

In compiling a wrap-up of all the anger and misinformation that outsiders brought into the Sterling community during the campaign season (and continuing right into election day), I found the witch hunt against Eugene Delgaudio stood out as Exhibit A.

The gay/LGBT “pink piper” ideologues have successfully convinced most liberals that anyone disagreeing with a gay fatwa is evil, hateful, and inciting others to violence.

The phenomenon was brought vividly into focus for me after the election during this attempt at across-the-aisle conversation. If you were to read all the comments – which I would not presume to recommend, but go ahead if you have the time – what you would find is that local liberals cannot even engage in open discussion when the subject is someone under accusation (particularly when Abigail herself is in the vicinity).

I wander over to that blog once in a while, and nearly every time I am subjected to interrogation regarding Eugene Delgaudio. And as you can see, regardless of what I say, the only acceptable response I could give would be to pronounce Eugene evil, to join the witch hunt – to fall in with the choir of shivering girls.

How has the local “Abigail Williams” faction gained such an opinion-forming role in the political community?

This is just a theory, and not just about Loudoun County but the country as a whole, so it may be overly general, but I think it gets close to the truth:

I think the gay spokespeople have stepped in to fill a void in the liberal value structure, and conservatives have been caught so flat-footed by the challenge from “left field” that to a large extent they have not yet put it into perspective nor fashioned a forceful response.

With the dismaying conclusions of the Clinton and Bush presidencies for liberals and conservatives, respectively; the unresolved natures of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; the extended financial crisis; the continuing disappearance of any articulated moral consensus in popular culture (including within the religious communities); and the crushing reality of a disappointing Obama presidency – “liberalism” and “conservatism” are now being redefined, as we speak, both in terms of philosophy and public policy.

Amidst this period of redefinition – this fluid landscape – there has blossomed a moment of influence for progressive sexual ideologues.

And why not? They are one of very few players in that space right now.

“Family values” is but a hoary remnant of political-sloganeering days gone by; abortion (for or against) is hardly a front-burner issue. About the only … well that may be an exaggeration, but certainly among the most ubiquitous and consistent statements regarding sexual morality and sexual matters in general are coming from the gay community. They’ve got a core set of issues which they continue to talk about, and whether you agree or disagree you must acknowledge they are focused, persistent and effective in the court of public opinion.

And they’ve done a very good job during a period of fading moral consensus of claiming, for a time, the high ground.

Make no mistake, they have not taken that ground by persuasion nor consensus of the majority population. They have commandeered a perch of moral superiority through scorched earth tactics and a flamethrower ready for any voice of opposition.

Opponents of the gay agenda are only of two types, according to the progressive ideologists:

Either they are quietly uneducated or ignorant, which means they simply have not yet learned to vote correctly.

Or, they are loud and influential – which means under fatwa; evil, hateful, inciting violence; walkers with the Devil …


We all know which category Mr. Delgaudio has gotten himself into.

Like Abigail, convinced of the sanctity of their own personal agenda, the gay ideologues allow no opposition – for opposition is of the Devil – and they also allow no wavering among supporters nor those erstwhile on the sidelines. Anyone and everyone within earshot must join the choir of accusers, must agree that the accused is wholly and truly a witch who must recant or be hanged – and all who do not join in the accusation are immediately charged as witches themselves.

The insanity and hysteria was over in Salem, Massachusetts by 1700. Perhaps on November 8, 2011, the citizens of Sterling, Virginia finally signaled an end to the Loudoun County witch hunt.

UPDATE: As Wolverine just summed it up: “You either bend a knee to the resident judge of all moral standards, swear to reform yourself, and condemn Eugene Delgaudio to perdition or you are labeled permanently as immoral.”