We have already had 2 votes in this lame duck term of the current board that interest me.  One was on the Silver Line Metro.  The other was eliminating forever the space for the Nativity scene on the courthouse grounds.  York sided on the approval vote with all  but Delgaudio/Burton on the first and Delgaudio/Waters on the second.  Now this guy was brought back into the fold as a Republican for some reason.  Yes, the new board has 9 “R”s to it but were the hell is York going to stand on the issues?  Is he filling his prior obligations to his buddies on the old board and then changing suits for the new one?

I am no fan of York.  Period.  I do not like him or trust him and he is bad for the county but better (?) than the alternative.  Scott: quit being spineless and push back on these liberals.  You still have time to help them further destroy this county and it appears that you are doing exactly that.  Unless, of course, you REALLY BELIEVE in the votes you are casting.  If that’s the case, I hope the new board bypasses and nullifies your dissenting vote all the way to the next election where I will personally make it my mission to see that you never hold another county seat again.  What the hell is your problem anyway?