Over at Too Conservative there is yet another article on the Obama bullet hole zombie.  It appears that they refuse to let this thing die.  Well guess what?  The more it’s played, the more it gets tired.  I have many second thoughts about all the fake distress people have over this issue.  Yes, it was probably in bad taste for the LCRC to do it but there it ends.

While working the gun show this weekend I walked by a vendors table with 10 different bumper stickers on it.  Guess what I found?  Obama bullet hole zombie with the caption: “Organize–before they rise “.  Sweet and to the point.  The dealer told me that that sticker was one of his 3 top sellers.  The dealer is from Pa. and goes to most shows east of the Mississippi.  Now what do you think the Secret Service are going to do with all those cars driving around with those stickers on them?  Not a damn thing.  I would suspect that they are probably getting quite the chuckle from it if you want to know the truth.  One individual objects publicly about something that has been around for a while; it gets notoriety and then fades.  Yet, the image carries on in its own fashion to be “raised from the dead” by some other distressed individual where it will get more notoriety later on.  Can’t wait to see where this goes.  I already know where it will end—Nov. 2012.

By the way, I got me one of those stickers and I know exactly the person I am going to give it to.  Rock on Zombie-Obama!