Was there any doubt.  The good thing is we won’t have to worry about it till after the election.  How coincidental is that!  Our ratings won’t diminish before then either.  Why did we need a “super” committee?  We have committees coming out our butt in Congress.  Wouldn’t one or more of them have worked just as well?  And why wouldn’t the Senate pass any of those bills approved in the Republican House?  After all, even though they are “transparent”, unless you pass them, how will they ever know what is in them?  And why didn’t the Dems do their tax hikes when they controlled everything?  Yes, I know, the tax hikes were part of elimination of tax breaks so they really weren’t tax hikes.  Right.

The Senate is making the whole Congress look bad.  Tax hikes are something that the Dems don’t want to be held accountable alone.  The citizens are swallowing all this crap about the “evil rich” and a Congress that won’t do their job.  This can be changed and corrected with the 2012 election be giving majority to fiscal conservatives in Congress (RINOs beware) and a president that doesn’t threaten with class warfare and refusal to sign ANY bill on his desk without tax hikes attached.

This was one SUPER boondoggle destined for failure.  It makes everyone look bad because of the stubbornness of one part of Congress.  Don’t be fooled!