This article made me sick. It is a story about how community makes a network of charitable people and organizations, brings then together and gives those in need a great and wonderful gift.  Then the government steps in, regulates it and EVERYONE loses.

My grandfather sucked a raw egg every day.  As kids, we would eat raw cake, pastry and bread batters.  I have butchered many hogs and steer with my neighbors.  I have grown and shared crops with others.  In all this, I cannot remember a single time ANYONE got sick from food.  I buy from the farmers market all the time without consequence.  Where is the concern?  Is it the government that understands big slaughter houses allow meat to fall on the floors with urine and everything else?  Are they thinking about the percentage of insects and pest parts they allow in packaged foods?  Is it the bacteria from laborers who defecate and urinate in the fields with the crops they are picking?  Also, those laborers are not using any protection and have never been screened for diseases WHILE being allowed to handle are foods.  All of the things that happen to us from our processed food centers do so under government control.  Yet when there is no control like I first stated, everyone is fine.  So why the difference?  GOVERNMENT CONTROL AND REGULATION!

This isn’t always a good thing as many people wish you to believe.  I am trying to figure out where the health dept. decided a church food kitchen was all of a sudden “retail”.  And how did they manage to miss this for 26 YEARS!!!!  If you believe less government, less entitlements and more charity, I would humbly request you turn your friends on to this outrage and maybe send a little note to Gov. Christie so that his eyes may be open to this travesty.  The government doesn’t belong in the charity business.  Leave that to those with good souls and that have a heart!  After all, what scenario would you rather see:

1.  A charitable gift of nourishment that gives hope to those without and that are hungry.

2.  A multitude of people scavenging any morsel of rotten food from dumpsters behind restaurants to quiet their famished stomachs.

This is a no brainer.