UPDATE II (12/5/11): A heartfelt Cain Train postmortum, from one of its first passengers.

UPDATE: It’s over.

And now that that’s a wrap, I guess it’s safe to relate my personal lasting impression of the Herman Cain presidential campaign. After being invited to his event in Tyson’s Corner last week by a local Cain campaign representative, with the intention of writing a favorable blog post about the candidate (technically speaking, a puff piece), upon showing up, finding the person who invited me and talking to a slew of campaign people, I was shunted off to a downstairs media holding room for over 2 hours while the event was going on. Along with 14 or so official media folks, I sat around waiting for the candidate to show up, which a Cain campaign staff member had said would happen at some point.

Then, we were informed Herman Cain would not be visiting the media area, and a few minutes later we were unceremoniously and hurriedly escorted upstairs by a security goon, out the door and about 30 yards down the McLean Hilton driveway and left, literally, standing in the middle of the road – no sidewalk, no lobby … and certainly no chance to see any portion of the event or get any basis on which to write something nice about Herman Cain. No wonder Stacy McCain had called for the campaign “managers” to be horsewhipped (see original post below).

Here is the only photograph I was able to take of the Herman Cain for president fundraiser in Tyson’s Corner:

Cain seemed like a decent fellow, but I think he had too high an impression of himself and felt like he could win the nomination just on the strength of his personality. If you read his recent book, you’d see that he has fantastic natural gifts, but has been a bit of a job-hopper, which gives the sense that he does not think very deeply into things – kind of gets by by winging it for a while and then moves on; and that his message is, basically, “I am so great.” Thus you get poor preparation for interviews, bad campaign management and hiring decisions, and a blithe sense of invulnerability following the Gary Hart model. That painful video of the interview question about Libya could have, in itself, served as the sole Democrat campaign commercial for September – November 2012 if Cain had somehow gotten the GOP nomination … the whole 5 minutes played unedited, over and over and over.

Republicans probably should be thankful for today.

The expression “ill-advised” seem more and more like a double entendre in reference to the Herman Cain presidential campaign. Supposedly today we will learn whether the campaign will continue – although if there’s a way to botch such an announcement, expect the botching operation to be in full swing even as we speak.

I recently got a wee taste of Dr. Cain’s Marvelous Traveling Competence, Potions And Olde Style Oratory Show – which, incidentally, will feature Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the starring roles when the Hollywood version is released – but there has been no better coverage on the Web than that by Stacy McCain.

Just click here and scroll down.

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