To the point of making an executive order, dictated to the State Department to enforce.  Here’s one story.  How on earth is the US going to intervene with another countries religious/domestic/rule-of-law beliefs when doling out aid?  Why don’t we have an executive order that won’t allow aid to countries that back /support/coddle terrorists?  How about aid only if you believe and support the free nation of Israel?  Why do we give money to socialist countries which actually shows our support of an ideology which is contrary to our own?  How many more exceptions/examples can you name?

I believe that there ought to be a law that imprisons doctors for doing sex change operations which deviates from the natural order of things and how you were born.  I also believe in human rights but not specifically any group.  Where are my rights as a Christian celebrating Christmas other than behind “closed doors”?  That is another post.  We don’t dictate to another country how their core beliefs work.  Why do you think those nations consider the west; specifically the US as evil and the great Satan?  Because we have no moral values, that’s why.