I couldn’t tell you.  The trip over led me into 2 inspection traffic stops which I wholeheartedly applaud.  I even told Capt. Ricky Frye that at the ceremony.  Expecting to not find a parking spot 15 minutes before the scheduled beginning of ceremonies, I was sorely mistaken–plenty of parking to be had.  Only 15 or so people were there and I figured it would be a low turnout.  I talked to a few people and waited.  And waited.

And waited.  Although people continued to pour in, some supervisors were not on the scene as late as 7:30.  Mama and I were getting too bored by that time and I had some Christmas shopping to do before a friendly gathering scheduled later.  I guess the highlight of the ceremony for me was that I was standing at the door to the “kitchen” and those lovely ladies offered me FIRST the whores d’ ovaries that were being presented to the guest.  And they were quite tasty.  Other than that, I suspect others got out of it what they wanted.  I know I sure did.

At our little gathering later, I found a host of people that enlarged our group and it was a pleasant time.  They in turn informed me that it did actually go off eventually.  I had wished that Barbara was able to join us but there will be other occasions.  And, yes, I did get my Christmas gifts also.  It was a good night for me all around.  Sorry I don’t have pictures but the people there know what they look like and I suspect most people here do too.  Now we shall wait for the games to begin.