That’s easy–conservatives do!  Okay, then liberals must own liberalism.  Now let’s put parties associated with these principles.  FOR THE MOST PART, conservatives are Republicans, Libertarians and Constitutionalists.  Likewise, liberals are Democrats, Socialists and Communists.  Again, that is for the most part.  What have we forgotten?  Oh, yeah; moderates.  What most people call moderates I call fence sitters.  They reach across the aisle and vote the prevailing wind.  They have no hard and fast ideology, otherwise they would fall into one of the other categories.  Who do you think would be associated with moderates?  Independents, of course.  Independents are conservatives that are ousted by liberals or vise-versa.  They are also voters who use “words” to make their decisions rather than principles.  They can just as easy vote to abort babies as support the 2nd Amendment.  Or promote the welfare state while calling for smaller government.  TRUE Independents are a dichotomy to be reckoned with and they swing the vote every election.

When you look at other countries you will find a multitude of political parties on the ballot.  Why so many?  Some think plants and animals are the Earth’s priority and to hell with people.  Some believe in strange deities that control their every move.  Most are just sub-sets of 2 basic principles.  Whatever the reason or belief, people take ownership in an ideology and usually stick with it.

You ask me what is the point of this and where am I going?  Fair enough.  I believe people should always show their stripes and stand on their beliefs.  I also know that, for the most part, politicians are exactly that.  They don’t stand on any particular ideology but for the moment and what makes them look good for electability. They worship but one god; Power and Prestige.  This can be changed but it must be done with understanding and time.  Voters must learn, fight the hard fight and NEVER give up their beliefs.

My point is this.  We have the opportunity to evoke change.  We started that change in the elections of 2010 and voters are dismayed by the slow process.  It was a start.  I look for the downfall of liberalism (Dems) in the 3 branches off government.  You might worry about not getting all the conservatives to power but let’s just take baby steps.  Once we have a majority of “pseudo” conservatives in power, the true ones that reside there will help to hold those “others” feet to the fire.  This is where ELECTABILITY is important.  Maybe you don’t get everything you want at first but you do get that which you DON’T want forced out of office.  The next step is the key–the best candidate for the party and the people.

The party politic (be it GOP, Dem or Ind) needs to put the BEST candidate available, up for election.  This means that if an incumbent is NOT as conservative as what is needed AND there is someone more suitable and available to run, THAT second candidate becomes the ticket.  When the party is willing to do this, politicians are forced to make a stand on an ideology and made to tow a line.  Only when this principle becomes mandate within the party will we truly have change in the political process.  It takes guts and fortitude with disregard to personal consequences or favors.  At that point, the voters will feel “represented” and the framers will be “vindicated”.  Can it be done?  Nothing is impossible under the sun.  WILL it be done?  That is the 64 thousand dollar question.