Yes.  As seen by the last election, unions were supporting a candidate that was very much pro entitlement and pro expenditures.  Even the ugliness of uncivil discourse and other methods were part and parcel.  This cancer would affect county government and all its entities of which our quality of life and livelihoods would go right down the drain.

Look at what is now occurring in Wisconsin at this union website.  My experience is most all of this is deceit and lies (and are easily checked out as I have done with a couple).  Jobs are leaving the area because businesses are going bankrupt by union “gimmes”.  Economies don’t turn around over night and until you get your debt settled and substantiated, you won’t see the fruits of your labor (no pun intended).  The additional cost to the state and municipalities will be upward of 7 million.  It cost 2.1 million on the senate recall.  Where does the money come from and at what cost or benefit to Wisconsins?

What amount of money unions will throw to win this campaign is not known but I have heard as high as 170 million dollars.  What?  1 million would be too much.  Do they think money grows on trees?  Oh, that’s right.  It comes from the membership who pay it from their salaries which they get from the citizens which is ever increasing.  Sounds like a racket, doesn’t it.  So why do unions have all this disposable cash to piss away on elections, ads, lavishness for the hierarchy?  Are they a business getting payment for work tendered?  Yes and no.

A business provides a service so in that aspect they are.  They do not hire you when applying for a job at the  company that is represented.  They represent you (I’m choking now) after you are employed……for a price.  They are never available to help you in hard times, especially when on strike; even though they say they do (INSERT->read the fine print).  So what happens to that pile of money (dues) they receive?  Other than the occasional T-shirt, coffee mug or offensive anti-company pin during strike times, they keep it.  They use it for THEIR needs and desires-not yours.  It lines politicians pockets and extends lavish curries of favor.  And it pays the union management exorbitant salaries.  Sounds more like a PAC or lobbyist than a business.

Oh, they do offer health insurance at twice the going rate of getting  it yourself.  They also allow you to work for the dues you give: like going on strike without pay, boycotting other businesses that are not union shops, boycotting other union shops on strike, you get the picture.  You do the work for them while paying them.  Nice.  Let’s see; people not getting paid boycotting a business so that it won’t make any money to pay its employees.  That’s smart.  Business gets fed up, closes down and starts anew overseas.  Everyone won on that one.  In the mean time, laid off employees are now on the unemployment line sucking more of the citizens money out of the government coffers.  Smart again.  For what?  Pet insurance?  Significant other benefits?  More vacation time?  Can this be done without union intervention in a business?   Oh, heck yeh.

If union companies don’t want to locate in Loudoun, that’s fine.  If companies that do business here LIKE doing business here then they pay their way–no special exemptions.  Teachers paid by merit with paying partial benefits.  No automatic government employee pay raises or COLA.  I don’t care what the times are-good or bad-it is not their money to give away AS THEY deem fit.  It’s ours.

Pay doesn’t make anyone exceptional.  Benefits don’t equate to quality.  The union mindset has no place anymore, other than selfish reasons which bankrupt anything they stand for.  I think Loudoun needs to keep that in mind during tax time and beyond.  No blank checks and more independent oversight.  We cannot afford a union mindset here.