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Florida has a problem with pythons.  Their wildlife is missing and they have figured out why.  Reckless/irresponsible owners have caused a problem that is out of control (like buying a baby alligator for your kid as a pet.  How long will that last) but I have the solution.  Ship the pythons to OWS encampments.  First to go will be the rats.  Then the dogs.  Then the babies and last the grownups.  After eating said grownups, they will develop the “liberal-whack stupidity” virus which will end up killing the snake in short time.  Every body’s happy and the cities can have a “tent” sale to try and recoup some of their losses.

Being a genius, these solutions come to me like rain falling.  I just wonder why no one else has thought of this yet.  Simple solution for a serious problem.

Interesting article in the WSJ today.  Bobby knows how to do the right things and this is what we need to straighten out our public school system–competition.  I doubt the BOS would ever catch on because they still haven’t figured out how to live within their means and how to deal with illegal aliens.  There is hope for McDonnell though.  Hope he reads this.

Newt Gingrich wants the U.S. to return to the moon, but as challenges go he has nothing on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s school reform plans.

Mr. Jindal wants to create America’s largest school voucher program, broadest parental choice system, and toughest teacher accountability regime—all in one legislative session. Any one of those would be a big win, but all three could make the state the first to effectively dismantle a public education monopoly.

Louisiana is already one of 12 states (including Washington, D.C.) that offer school vouchers, but its program benefits fewer than 2,000 students in New Orleans. Governor Jindal would extend eligibility to any low-income student whose school gets a C, D or F grade from state administrators. That’s almost 400,000 students—a bit more than half the statewide population—who could escape failing schools for private or virtual schools, career-based programs or institutions of higher education.

Funding for these vouchers (“scholarships” is the poll-tested term) would come not from a new fund, as in New Orleans, but from what the state already spends on public education per capita. So every student leaving a failing school would take about $8,500 (on average) with him, hitting the bureaucracy where it hurts. This is called competition, that crucial quality missing where monopolies reign.

Post-Katrina New Orleans is already the nation’s leading charter-school zone, with 80% of city students enrolled, academic performance improving dramatically, and plans to go all-charter by 2013. To spread the model statewide, the Governor would create new regional boards for authorizing charters and offer fast-track authorization to high-performing operators such as KIPP. He’d also give charters the same access to public facilities as traditional public schools.

As for tenure, Mr. Jindal would grant it only to teachers who are rated “highly effective” five years in a row, meaning the top 10% of performers. And tenure wouldn’t equal lifetime protection: A tenured teacher who rates in the bottom 10% (“ineffective”) in any year would return to probationary status. Ineffective teachers would receive no pay raise. Louisiana would also ban the “last in, first out” practice under which younger teachers are dismissed first, regardless of performance.

No points for guessing where the teachers unions stand on all this. The real problem is that “the revenue base is inadequate,” says Steve Monaghan of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers—though spending doesn’t correlate with academic improvement, and in any case Mr. Jindal has increased education spending by 10% since 2008.

At least Mr. Monaghan is guilty only of ignoring evidence. Louisiana Association of Educators leader Michael Walker Jones took to insulting Bayou State parents: “If I’m a parent in poverty I have no clue because I’m trying to struggle and live day to day,” said Mr. Jones of parental choice. How’s that for faith in self-government?

Louisiana used to be one of America’s most ill-governed states, but Mr. Jindal pushed major economic and ethics reforms in his first term and is now starting his second with his education moon shot. It would be one giant leap for Louisiana students.

Apparently, some anti-gun idiots (“Open and conceal-and-carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S.”) have decided to boycott Starbucks on Valentine’s Day because of Starbucks’ policy of allowing open carry where it is legal (such as Virginia).  So the logical thing to do is to patronize Starbucks on Valentine’s Day with your favorite firearm on your belt or over your shoulder.  (For those of us in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and a few other places, note that no magazines holding over 20 rounds are permitted.)

Equal Protection?

3 comments reports that three Black teens yelled racial slurs at a White man who was riding in a cab, dragged him out of the cab, and proceeded to beat him.  When the White cabbie came to the man’s rescue, the teens turned on him.

Police said the three teens were black and the cabbie and passenger were white. Police did not immediately know whether the teens would or could face hate-crime charges.

We will see whether there is Equal Protection of the Laws, or whether only Whites get charged with hate crimes.  From the US Justice Department’s treatment of voter intimidation charges in Philadelphia, I have my suspicions on how this will go.

BTW, this is why you should get a CCW permit.  Virginia does have a reciprocity agreement with Pennsylvania.

Now, 0bama does not even have to have treaties ratified by the Senate.  He just calls them “Executive Agreements,” even though he does not have the Constitutional power to do what the “agreement” says.  This “Executive Agreement” is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, and you can read more about it here.

I watched it when the Shawshank Redemption went to commercials.  It sounded vaguely familiar with the last one.  I wasn’t even about to interrupt Justified.  The snippets are these:

I say I care but I don’t.

I won’t cut anything but there are new programs needing funding.

I want everyone but me to be fair.

All will abide by the same rules… Bazarro-land.  I will continue to break rules, make new ones and break those too, if I feel like it.  When are you suckers ever going to learn not to listen to my rhetoric?

I will continue wasting your money for golf, vacations, doing whatever I feel like doing because I am the President and you workers just wish you could be!

If I missed something, I’m sorry.   No I’m not.  It was dull and boring and I had better things to do with my life.  “Somewhere in Kenya, there is a village missing their Idiot”  Amen, brother.

Well, after spending millions of “dues” dollars trying to recall Wisconsin state Senators and losing, as well a Supreme Court Justice and losing, the fight continues to recall Governor Walker.  Unfortunately some union members and residents of the state are beginning to see the picture (or the truth, as it were) that their state is BETTER off from the Walker/GOP initiatives.  Teachers weren’t losing their jobs, that reads ZERO where there are no “held over” union contracts.  The debt went bye-bye and now they have a good budget.  Matter of fact, all the Union venom spewed about the doom to follow never materialized…..except in the union contracts.  WOW!  And now they will spend MORE union dues dollars on another failed folly which should greatly deplete their coffers and not soon replenished.  All because they are losing control over “workers”.  You see, the unions are nothing about rights but about power today.  Their need has diminished to levels of ineffectiveness and lies, and they are mad.  Big whoop.  Time marches on and the hope and change promised you by your leader just cut your main artery where, eventually, you will bleed out and die. 

And what state will their Congress have left to run to once the Right to Work Law is passed in Indiana?  Those Dems there are mad as hell and playing the “vacation” game to get their way, which isn’t working.  I wouldn’t fine the fools.  I would make a state amendment that if members deliberately boycott by absence, the work of the legislature, that it would be construed as a dereliction of duty and unless a family emergency or an illness, with a note from Mommy of course, those members automatically lose their seats and a special election is held to fill them.  This crap with state representatives avoiding business because they want to pout is too much.  That is what stalemates on votes are all about.  If you can’t handle the job, don’t apply.  of course these actions are all being done for union solidarity sake.  Yup, unions are REAL GOOD for business, aren’t they. 

Read the attached articles.  Looks like the next bastion for the people will be the taking back of Illinois and I am sure that will come with a very special union supporter, community organizing that one.  Hey, everyone needs a job and why not fall back to what you are good at when the job you hold, you failed miserably and got kicked out!