Superintendent Ed Hatrick has proposed an 11.5% increase in the current LCPS budget, and with this exchange he readily admits he thinks the BOS should increase taxes:

“Kevin Kuesters (Broad Run), another who’s criticized the previous School Board’s spending, later asked Hatrick: “Is it your view that the Board of Supervisors should raise taxes this year in order to fund the FY13 budget?”

“Yes,” Hatrick responded without hesitation.”

At least Hatrick is honest! I listened to Priscilla Godfrey, former Loudoun County School Board Member, provide input to the General Assembly last night. Her plea was for the state to consider additional funding and she pointed out that the LCPS was operating on a 2008 budget. The truth is while the student enrollment has increased by 15.2% in the past 4 years, the budget has also increased by $345,955. According to the article Hatrick indicated “We cannot continue to absorb the cost of new students indefinitely” – however it appears they aren’t “absorbing” anything with a continually increased budget. Wouldn’t the additional 32 county agencies in Loudoun County like to have this kind of absorbtion?

It is refreshing to see the new members of the Loudoun County School Board asking the right questions. It is my understanding the new BOS has not followed the request of the previous board for budget projections with any increase, so will Hatrick get his money or finally be told no?