I really can’t believe that with year after year increases, Hatrick now wants to extend kindergarten to full day.  It is earmarked with a 1.4 MILLION price tag in the budget but doesn’t that just stick out a bit?  Why would Loudoun taxpayers foot the bill for further babysitting?  He is really pushing this initiative and it shouldn’t be ours to bear.  This budget needs DOWNSIZING tremendously.  I’m sure all those liberals looking for quality education are for this crap.  I look at it as another venture where other people continue to eat a hole in my pocket for something that doesn’t belong.  An illegal will do this job for far less for an individual AND teach SSL (Spanglish as a Second Language) for the same price.  This is one of many things that have always made a bloated budget.  Cut 20% and we’ll see where we are next year.

I am tired of supporting frivolous ventures for others children!