It took some time for the original 13 states to ratify the Constitution.  They all had different amendments and rights proposals.  They all agreed on the final outcome WITH states rights in mind–those powers not directly delegated to the US government.  Since that time we have had rescinded habeas cprpus twice; invaded sovereign states without cause; created illegal entitlements; condoned murder as well as other issues.

DOMA was passed by Congress and signed into law by Clinton.  It is a law and not an Amendment.  It is defensible because it hasn’t been deemed unconstitutional…..until Obama.  Without trial or discussion it was automatically deemed INdefensible.  Remember, passed by Congress.  As a precedence, California passed Proposition 8.  How did they do it?  By the only way it could happen and be ironclad.  They had the PEOPLE decide by vote and created the law……the will of the people….  Now the federal government-judiciary-has deemed it UNconstitutional because of how the justices read “the living Constitution.

Obama has dictated mandated that ALL religious groups and organizations will abide by and provide any type of contraception to women AND have it fee free.  The 1st Amendment just got crushed and the Puritans should have stayed in Anglo Europe.  How did this happen being UNconstitutional and all?  The problem lies here.  That is SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg just waking from her nap talking about other constitutions being better than ours.  BETTER because ours is the oldest working constitution.  That means where others have failed, we keep ticking on BECAUSE of the constitution and despite what justices and politicians try to do TO it.

What you have read above are nothing but examples to strike at this point:  when does the Constitution count and what happened to the power of the states and the people?  I have said this before and everyone gets upset and THINKS the best course of action is the ballot box.  Ron Paul is correct in his understanding of our rights being trampled and diminished…continually.  It ain’t getting better and it ain’t being stopped.  The non-violent way to say ” I’ve had enough! ” is to have the state put on the ballot to opt out of the US Constitution or even out of the US.  Gaining independence is what this nation was founded on and the Constitution was created to cradle that cause forward.  We are losing our freedoms and need to stop the blood loss here and now.  If you wait, it can only get worse with time. Mark my words.  Freedom has a price and American Express Platinum can’t even buy it now.